Letters to the editor: May 26

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 26, 2022

Let’s vote to make America great again

Now that the primary elections are behind us, it’s time we turn our attention to the future and direct our efforts to hopefully improving our economy and our country and making America great again.

With all due respect to those among us who may have voted for the radical and liberal agenda of the current administration and against the conservative principles of the previous four years, most all concerned citizens should agree that we cannot afford to continue along the current path.

Unfortunately, our leadership in Washington has failed our country on almost every front, including a disastrous economy, energy crisis, failed immigration policies at the southern border, increasing crime rates throughout America, highest inflation in decades, highest gas prices in over 40 years, Afghanistan tragedy, Ukraine War disaster, etc., etc., etc.

We can only hope and pray for the future of our country and that together we will be able to reverse those policies and legislative actions which have destroyed our economy and our nation. May God be with us in this effort.

— Ronnie Smith


How can leaders address violence after it occurs?

New fact I learned this week: we live in a community where some candidates for public office hold gun raffles to raise campaigns cash – not just shotguns either, but AK-47s; check out Angie Spillman’s campaign Facebook page if you like to watch. Meanwhile, at least 18 babies were recently gunned down in a public elementary school in Texas. School shootings are commonplace in the United States — and nowhere else on Earth. I believe school shootings are fundamentally a political problem, emblematic of our continued votes for, and reliance on, elected officials who lack the vision and the will to keep our children safe.

As a child, I was taught to do unto others as I would wish they would do to me. I wish for my neighbors to be able to make their own choices regarding the books they read, the medical procedures they elect to undergo, and the methods they employ to defend their homes. There is a way to build consensus around every issue facing our society — even abortion — if we remain open-minded to everyone’s concerns.

Salisbury City Council Member Anthony Smith’s proposal to use the Cure Violence model, approaching violence as a health crisis, could be a game changer for our community. But we also need politicians in Raleigh and beyond who can articulate our collective need to remain safe in our homes and public spaces. Sen. Carl Ford and Rep. Harry Warren claimed in a Salisbury Post article  (Dec. 5 2021) they were not aware Rowan County needed funds for mental health and substance abuse service provision.

If our elected officials are not aware of mitigating factors making someone more prone to inflict violence on others, how can they possibly address that violence after it occurs?

Wake up and vote for change already, neighbors.

— Alissa Redmond


College debt forgiveness a bad idea

Washington comes up with some wacky ideas from both parties from time to time.

The worst idea currently proposed by the liberal/progressives/Democrats/Biden is to forgive all or part of debt assumed by college students.

What does this say about personal responsibility which is missing from the public debate on many issues?  Especially when one considers that the federal government is $30 trillion in debt!

So many parents and college students have worked two or three jobs to pay back their college loans.  Now, some want to forgive those who are irresponsible. Some have called this the most expensive vote-buying in our nation’s history.  Republicans in Congress and a few Democrats are working to block this terrible idea.

Give me a break!

— Phil Kirk


Editor’s note: Kirk, a native of Rowan County and former teacher, previously served as chairman of the State Board of Education.