Letters to the editor: May 19

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 19, 2022

Why no emergency veterinary clinic in Rowan?

I think it is a shame that there are about 142,000 people in Rowan County, and I counted at least five veterinary clinics located in Rowan County,and not one offers emergency services. With that many clinics, they could have one clinic offer emergency services once every five weeks. That way, none would have to drive all the way to Cabarrus emergency clinic if their pet needs medical care late Saturday or on a Sunday.

— Ann Atwell


Capstone Recovery Center worthy of support

I was blessed to attend the 10th annual benefit for Capstone Recovery Center. This is a fantastic organization as verified by the recent graduates and future graduate of Capstone. These fine ladies presented a bold and courageous testimony of their before and present life.

Wow, the testimonies were overwhelming and brought the audience to their feet.

There are a lot of nonprofits in our area that need our support. Capstone Recovery Center is certainly worthy of our support.

This organization makes no excuse for being a Christ-centered outreach and they have a great victim recovery success rate.

We are blessed to have Capstone Recovery Center in Rowan County.

— Dr. Jim Duncan


Duncan is part of Project Light that focuses on human trafficking.

Local cattle drive thriving ecosystem

We’re working to help save the planet with manure! Over 160 acres in Iredell County has partnered with cattle to offset carbon emissions.

Driving down Highway 64, there are no signs advertising our farm that actively removes carbon from the atmosphere, locking it underground, offsetting carbon emissions, but we are doing just that.

A closer look at our lush diverse grasslands, soil biology, spiders, birds, and prolific dung beetle activity indicates we are on the right track.

Chemical-free, regenerative grazing management has enabled our cattle to:

• support the growth of dense biodiverse forages which capture carbon from the atmosphere storing it in the soil.

• repair crop land, erosion areas, and protect watershed and wildlife corridors.

The rich quality of our grass each spring is evidence our practices are contributing to a healthier environment.

— Josh and Brandi Teague


The Teagues own Running T Farms in Cleveland.

Where will people park?

Not long before the city and county will own the entire downtown of Salisbury (except Stitchin’ Post and Hap’s). If the old Wells Fargo building is turned into an event center, please inform the public: Where are the people going to park?

— William Robertson


Media covering for Biden

Now that Lyin’ Biden and his administration has been caught again, this time regarding baby formula, the media continues to cover for him. A congresswoman recently visited the southern border, unlike the country’s president, to discover pallets upon pallets of formula have been shipped and stocked for illegal immigrants. Yet American families can’t find it on our grocery shelves.

See you at the polls in November.

— Floyd Prophet