My turn, Pat Bullard: Safe, legal abortion must remain

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 17, 2022

I read with sadness the letters published in the Rowan County Democratic Party’s Voters Speak Digest (May 12) in response to the Supreme Court draft to end Roe v. Wade. I wish I could be with others who support the call for reproductive rights with their presence at events across the country, especially with one in Salisbury, but age renders it impossible as my 84 years are telling on me.

I listened to a long piece from Duke University Medical Center this morning about times before Roe v Wade rendered abortion legal with hospital beds full of females with septic conditions due to unsafe illegal abortions and including the many females who died from the unsafe procedures. Abortion has always been, and as long as there are unwanted pregnancies, will always be.

Even under Roe v Wade, not all women can easily access abortion. The poor and people of color especially have trouble accessing abortion. I have learned about several studies showing the economic woes caused to women when they are forced to bear an unwanted child. One such study is the ‘Turnaway Study’. There is a 30% drop in income for women when they become a Mother. You and I may make that choice, but many women cannot afford  to make that choice.

Republicans have already chipped away at pro-choice laws and availability. Although they are saying it needs to be returned to states to decide, about half of the US will ban abortion in that instance, and they will continue until they completely ban abortion everywhere. They will also try to deny birth control, same sex marriage, LGBTQ rights, etc. …

Especially old white men are using this to control women and wipe out women of color, all the while the male perpetrator of the unwanted pregnancy walks away with little or no consequence.

We must continue to fight, to get more people to vote and vote the right way, and get more people to understand the dire and deadly results of banning safe and legal abortion.

I have been told, but today is different, as there are now pills to induce abortion. But they are also passing laws to make that illegal. Even married couples facing a difficult pregnancy will be severely impacted.

Safe and legal abortion must remain and we must fight with all of our strength and might, and more. The lives of our granddaughters depend on it.

I am, and will always be, Prayerfully Pro-choice.

— Pat Bullard

China Grove