Letters to the editor: May 15

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 15, 2022

Wyrick is ideally qualified

Todd Wyrick is a candidate for Rowan County Clerk of Superior Court and we believe he is ideally qualified for this position because of his character, work experience and respect for others.

We have known Todd since middle school. He comes from a family that instilled strong family values in him and we know him to be a good family man of strong character and servant mentality.  Todd has served as a magistrate for Rowan County for 28 years and as chief magistrate since 2014.  This has required him to work integrally with officials of law enforcement and the courts, as well as lawyers, and has allowed him to gain the invaluable experience and insight that will serve him well as Rowan County Clerk of Superior Court.

Additionally, he has been endorsed by Jeff Barger, the longstanding, competent and well respected current holder of the position. Please do not be complacent. To maintain continuity of competent and ethical service, please join us and vote for Todd Wyrick to be the next clerk of Superior Court for Rowan County.

— Shane and Teresa Bolton


DA’s office needs change

District attorneys are the top law enforcement officials in each county. Even though the police and sheriffs are organized independently from the DA’s office, they work very closely to respond to alleged crimes. And the police can’t lock anybody into the criminal justice system without the help of a prosecutor.

I encourage every voter to do their research on the DA’s race. The elected DA can make Rowan County a safer place to live. Paxton Butler knows how to make this happen; he knows how to make the tough decisions. He will have a knowledgeable staff and a staff who wants longevity with the DA’s office. Paxton will have all their backs and make each of them a better prosecutor! He will work as a team with all law agencies much more efficiently than the current DA.

I have personally witnessed Paxton’s intelligence and professionalism in a Superior Courtroom. I worked for 14 years in the Rowan County Courthouse as a deputy clerk. My parents and grown children still live in Rowan County. All the elections in the courthouse are so important. The elected DA is by far a very, very important race! Rowan County has had Brandy Cook as DA for 12 years.

So please, everyone, ask yourself this one question. Are you happy with the justice system, pleased with the numbers, pleased with the crime in Salisbury?

If you’re not happy, please make a change and elect Paxton Butler for DA!

I’m watching this election from afar.

— Audra Lowman

Erwin, Tennessee

Why I like Mike

Mike Caskey is the best person to be the next sheriff of Rowan County. Running for sheriff isn’t a decision made over two years. Caskey has worked on being the best candidate for over the past 9.5 years.

We all know the sheriff answers to the people and to the people only. However we must face the facts and admit that the sheriff’s office budget is approved and voted on by the county commissioners.

This is one thing that sets Mike apart from the other candidates. He has served as your county commissioner for 9.5 years and has the support of every commissioner on the board.

This alone will allow Mike to hit the ground running once he’s elected.

The current commissioners know and trust Mike for his years of service right alongside them. It is obvious that all of the sheriff candidates care about their community and want what is best for Rowan County.

It is also obvious that some of these candidates have good ideas on how to reduce crime and improve safety in Rowan County.

Unfortunately ideas and answers are two different things.

This is another thing that sets Mike apart from the rest of the candidates. With Mike’s experience as a Rowan County commissioner he knows what ideas can be turned into answers.

It’s nice to have the idea of adding positions or equipment at the sheriff’s office or increasing salaries, but having the knowledge and understanding of Rowan County’s financial situation as a commissioner does make it easier to have an answer on adding personnel or increase salaries.

And with Mike’s experience as a street officer, currently answering police calls every day, he knows what answers are needed.

Answers are better than ideas.

Please do some research and get out and vote in the primaries for Mike Caskey as Rowan County sheriff.

— Jason Hinson


State lawmaker backs Saleeby

This is Rep. Harry Warren, inviting you to join me in voting for Rebecca Saleeby for Rowan County Clerk of Superior Court.

Saleeby’s relevant work experience includes 10 years as a Rowan County Deputy Clerk of the Court, and 15 years with the Administrative Office of the Courts, training county clerks and their staffs throughout the state. Her work experience also includes seven years as a Rowan County magistrate. She worked her way through UNC Charlotte, graduating “cum laude” with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

As evidence by the recent additions of Chewy and Macy’s to the county, the thousands of jobs they bring, and the various housing projects approved by China Grove and Salisbury, the county is poised to grow dramatically and rapidly. This growth requires experienced and capable leadership at every level of our governmental departments and agencies.

Saleeby’s combined job-related education and on-the -job work experience is why she is unquestionably the most qualified, most experienced candidate for Rowan County Clerk of Superior Court. She is able to begin work immediately upon taking office and will not require a training period to learn the job before advancing the development of the department to facilitate the growing demand for service.

Please vote for Rebecca Saleeby for Rowan County Clerk of Superior Court.

— Harry Warren


Serving on jury makes me back Cook

I served as a juror in a murder trial that District Attorney Brandy Cook prosecuted. During the trial, I saw her fighting for the victim and their family. She was prepared and very knowledgeable.

I wholeheartedly support her candidacy for reelection, and I hope she returns to serve as our Rowan County District Attorney.

— Rebecca Elaine Ellis

Granite Quarry

Wyrick committed to public service

I have known Todd Wyrick his entire life and have found him to be a person of integrity, strong family values and commitment to public service. As he has served us in Rowan County for many years in law enforcement, his leadership and ability have been clear for all to see. In addition as a veteran, he served us as a member of the Air National Guard.

During his tenure as chief magistrate, Todd has clearly gained the respect and trust of his colleagues. As clerk of court, he will bring integrity, experience and reliability to the office and continue to be a tremendous asset to Rowan County.

I respectfully ask you to cast your vote for Todd Wyrick for clerk of Superior Court.

— Nelson Bradshaw


Why hasn’t Butler filed financial disclosure report?

When an individual decides to run for a public office, they are required to submit to North Carolina’s campaign finance laws. To some people, this may seem like a minor detail, but it is incredibly important as it assures the public that campaign finance laws are being followed and reveals potential biases in the financial backing of individual candidates.

As of the date of this letter and according to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, Paxton Butler for district attorney has not filed his organizational disclosure report, which was due in July 2021, nine months ago. He has also failed to file his year end semi annual report for 2021, which was due on Jan. 28, three months ago.

Since Butler was a prior unsuccessful candidate for public office in Davidson County, he should know what is required.  He is failing to follow required campaign finance law deadlines.  Absolutely no one knows who is funding his campaign.

I would think that people running for the job of protecting the county would be up to speed on submitting those reports and it concerns me greatly that he is not.

— Paula Yost 


Wyrick always thinks of others

We would like to tell you about Todd Wyrick. We know he would make a great clerk of court.

I coached him in high school football. He was a leader then as well as now! He always thinks of others. His concerns are always what his best for our town! We have known him over 40 years. He is very trustworthy!

Please vote for Todd Wyrick.

— Ed and Sandy Bowles


Cook always takes strong stance on fighting crime

I have had the pleasure to work with District Attorney Brandy Cook for a number of years as a loss prevention agent and as a law enforcement officer.

Cook has always had a strong stance on fighting crime and holding offenders accountable.  She has always been accessible and provided guidance in cases that I had questions about during the investigation. Cook has always gotten back to me in a timely manner and given me good advice on the law to proceed with cases that can sometimes be complex.

Cook has always had a good relationship with law enforcement. She has always tried and believes that law enforcement needs to be in the community to fight crime and get offenders off of the street that are harming and causing fear to the citizens of Rowan County instead of being tied up in court all day.  This is a valuable asset due to the shortage of officers in the nation today and Cook should be commended for wanting officers to be on the streets to keep the citizens of Rowan County safe and having officers available to answer calls for people that have been victims of a crime.

Cook has been a big proponent of working with federal agencies and prosecutors to hold repeat offenders accountable for violent and drug related crimes, which in my eyes are the two biggest crimes that hurts families and children of Rowan County.  These two crimes has a lasting effect on families, especially our youth which is our next generation.  Cook takes a hard stance on these crimes to protect our youth against predators and gang members that try to recruit our youth into this type of activity.

Lastly I would like to say that  Cook is a true conservative Republican.

District Attorney Brandy Cook has my vote and I know she will continue to take a hard stance on crime and repeat offenders that cause fear and try to harm the citizens of Rowan County.

— M.L. Dishman


Home fire sprinkler week is May 15-21

In every community, including ours, home fires are a severe threat to residents as well as responding firefighters. While homes have been the central fire challenge for decades, today this problem is intensified by the fact that unprotected home fires become deadly in just two minutes or less.

To confront this stubborn public safety burden, we are joining with other fire departments and safety advocates across North America May 15-21 to increase awareness about the life safety benefits of installing home fire sprinklers.

By participating in Home Fire Sprinkler Week, we will send a powerful message locally and nationally that every new home constructed is an opportunity to help end the home fire problem.

Fire safety advocates work hard to educate about home fire dangers, but every fire cannot be prevented. We also try to counter the common fallacy that new homes don’t burn, but it’s a stubborn myth. The truth is today new homes are most commonly built with unprotected lightweight wood construction, and designed with large, open spaces.

Homes are filled with synthetic furnishings that burn hotter and faster than natural materials producing more toxic smoke. Regardless of age, home fires now burn faster than ever and become deadly more quickly.

When things go wrong and a fire starts, home fire sprinklers work automatically and very effectively, making a safe escape possible. Installed fire sprinklers are proven to prevent injuries, save lives and protect property.

Home fire sprinklers are part of our community risk reduction strategy. We urge our residents and local decision makers to educate themselves on how home fire sprinklers can protect our city’s future generations and our first responders. Every new home built in our community should be protected with home fire sprinklers.

— Holly-Anne Blevins

New London

Editor’s note: Blevins is a firefighter/NC Fire and Life Safety Educator with the New London Fire Department.