Quotes of the week: ‘I wondered why I’d been left here so long’

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 13, 2022

“When (Pranvera Hyseni) left, I said to my granddaughter, ‘I wondered why I’d been left here so long,’ I guess this was maybe one of the reasons to fulfill that young girl’s dream.”

— Thelma Archer, who will turn 92 in August after meeting the recipient of an Operation Christmas Child shoebox many years ago

“We’ve had a great time getting prepared, placing orders, being in the kitchen for the last couple hours and him showing everybody how to do
everything. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

— Jason Smith, on the one-night return of Harry Agner preparing Chicken and Oyster Shack meals at Rockwell Cafe

“I am getting a little tired of getting notices from the state treasurer’s office asking for this.”

— Jonathan Williams, Spencer mayor after the auditor’s contract was extended again following delays on a draft financial report

“When you are a soldier, you never take it upon yourself to think about yourself. It actually feels odd to know there are
people out there that want to help me.”

— Timothy Blume, former Marine after the nonprofit Purple Heart Homes replaced his home’s deck that had fallen into disrepair

“I’d swim from Australia to be here with Carlos.”

— Edward Robinson, who flew in from Spain to be with his artist friend Carlos Mazuka at this year’s Hippie Fest at the Rowan County

“I look at her and she just amazes me. She just proves it can be done. She’s got so much patience and love for these kids it’s amazing.”

— Linda Layok, who nominated winner Brandy Smith for Wonder Woman of the Year at a Mother’s Day festival put on by West Rowan Home and Garden

“The kids take it upon themselves to make something for you, they say ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you,’ ‘you’re the best ever,’ things like that. You can tell they hand made it and gave it some thought.”

— Charles Magwood, music teacher at Hurley Elementary speaking of notes from students during teacher appreciation week