Town of Faith set to host library book sale in June

Published 12:01 am Thursday, May 12, 2022

FAITH — Town of Faith will be selling its astounding collection of stored library books in the town hall in June.

Over 10,000 books have been stored in the building after originally being apart of the old library previously between Hair Port Hair Design and Sugar Britches on Faith Road. Faith Academy Charter School received a portion of the books for their students but many more still need a home just in time for a beachside read.

The Faith Town Hall is located at 100 N. Main St. and a date and time will be released as June approaches.

According to Town Clerk Karen Fink, the funds from the sale will be put towards a history room for the town hall to store and present antique photos and artifacts of the city.

Also at this month’s meeting:

• The board made a movement to rezone a property on Gardner Street for the addition of Faith Academy Charter School. The property closed and was sold by previous owner Andrew Frick on April 26 before the Faith Planning Board met to discuss an agreement to forward the suggestion to the Board of Alderman. With this movement, two public hearings have been scheduled for June 14 at 6:40 p.m. and 6:50 p.m. at the town hall to discuss moving forward. The property is now owned by Faith Charter LLC.

• The Town of Faith received a $10,000 miscellaneous grant from the state on April 29 that will be awarded to the fire department. In addition to this funding, the department also received a $50,000 allocation from the county on April 7. Fire Chief Scott Gardner announced that a majority of the funds will go towards repaving the parking lot with asphalt and repairing a collapsed sewer line under the station.

• Homeowners with damaged trash cans are to notify Faith Town Hall for repairs. A form will be emailed to Waste Management for a request to fix it.

• Town of Faith Fire Department advises homeowners to pay attention to waste they are flushing down the toilet as the department is absorbing increased labor costs. In April, non-flushable wet wipes were found in grinders causing damage to the pipelines on two occasions despite written agreement.

• The board tabled the movement for revising the current parade ordinance concerning entry fees for the Faith Fourth of July parade. According to the current ordinance, a fee of $100 must be paid to the Town of Faith for a permit to hold such an event and must be acquired at least two weeks (14 calendar days) prior to the event in order to acquire proper police protection. The town also reserves the right to deny a permit if adequate coverage cannot be obtained within the two-week period.

Because the festivities for Independence Day are so close, Mayor Randall Barger stated that the ordinance will be revisited at the July Board of Alderman to observe the outcome of this year’s total entries.

Entry fees will go towards clean up after the parade.