Letters to the editor: May 12

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 12, 2022

Adkins’ sense of ‘right and wrong’ impeccable

I am writing to show my support for Rowan County District Attorney Brandy Cook, who has served Rowan County since being elected in 2010. I have known Brandy Cook for more than 15 years and worked closely with her for over seven years while I served as the chief of police for the town of Cleveland. During the time that I worked with her, I found her to be fair and just in her prosecutorial decisions.

Additionally, I spent time working with DA Cook in multi-agency capacities, dealing with policy issues, and found her to be conscientious, fair, and open-minded concerning policy decisions that affected agencies other than her own.

Throughout my career, I have had to opportunity to work in several counties, serving with a number of elected district attorneys. It has been my observation that the decisions made by Brandy Cook are consistent with those made by other district attorneys whom I also hold in high regard.

— David Allen


Editor’s note: Allen is retired chief of the Cleveland Police Department

Eddinger no real Republican

Kevin Eddinger is a nice person but he isn’t a Republican. He has never voted in a Republican primary. He has always and I do mean always voted as a Democrat. You can look this up right on the board of elections website its publicly available data.

Although he isn’t a Republican, he isn’t some raging liberal as some would suggest. He is a decent human just not a Republican. He’s not a terrible judge but he isn’t a great one. I’d rate him as a 2 out of 5 at best.

— April Rose


Cook was meant to be a prosecutor

I have had the privilege of knowing Rowan County’s elected district attorney over 25 years. From the time I met her freshman year as part of the women’s volleyball team at Catawba College, I immediately recognized her integrity and intense work ethic. During law school, it was clear her desire was to be a prosecutor.

During her 20 years in public service, Brandy has worked both in the courtroom and in the community to serve both victims and the most at risk juvenile population. Brandy has served on numerous non-profit boards including Communities in Schools, the Terrie Hess House Child Advocacy Center and the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council just to name a few.

Brandy is deeply invested in our community, not just for purposes of this election season but during her entire career.

Brandy leads her office with hard work, integrity and professionalism. She is willing to make tough decisions and always has the safety of our community front and center. Brandy, alongside other law enforcement agencies, have worked with their federal partners to send violent criminals to prison.

She also has a proven track record for being tough on crime as evidenced by the public support for re-election by our Sheriff Kevin L. Auten, many other current and retired chiefs of police, and current and retired law enforcement officers. Brandy prioritizes prosecuting violent crime. Her office successful tried seven defendants for murder in one year before the pandemic shut everything down. The shutdown, along with state and local restrictions, prevented her office from scheduling any jury trials for an entire year.

Once restrictions were lifted, her office has tried defendants for murder, sex offenses against children, robbery, possession of firearm by felon, malicious conduct by a prisoner and numerous other serious assaults.

Our community cannot afford a soft on crime approach that is being offered by her opponent. We must re-elect a proven hard-working and tough prosecutor. Vote for District Attorney Brandy Cook.

— Andrea Davis


No other choice but Cook for DA

I grew up in Salisbury, the best place in the world (and I’ve seen a lot!). Brandy Cook is the epitome of a professional public servant — an in depth researcher with knowledge of how and when to play the cards in a very tough business.

I learned this firsthand in a very difficult situation that was handled masterfully by Brandy and her staff and I’ve observed her perform just as well in situations that didn’t involve me.

If I were a defense attorney in Rowan County, I wouldn’t want to face her on a regular basis and would be endorsing anyone other than Brandy Cook for district attorney. She is the best, hands down. Be sure to vote for her — I wish I could!

— Chuck Reeves

Columbus, NC

Hannold most qualified, capable to be next sheriff

Out of many candidates, Greg Hannold is the most qualified, most capable candidate for sheriff. I have known Greg my entire life, and we were educated in the Rowan County School system together.

With over 27 years of service in law enforcement, he was promoted through the ranks and held increasing responsibilities in different positions.

He has served as patrolman, detective, training coordinator, Civil Division sergeant, lieutenant, captain over the jails, captain at the courthouse and captain at the Landis Training Center.

Greg also served as a law enforcement instructor and trainer for 20 years and has experienced teaching in the criminal justice program and in the Basic Law Enforcement Training program at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College.

Greg‘s solid beliefs will guide him in his law enforcement duties, including:

• Being a firm proponent of the Second Amendment. He has taught his family and others how to properly and safely carry firearms for protection.

• We need to be tough on crime and we need stiff penalties for criminals, as well as compassionate help for our citizens.

• Build on the relationships we have with the community to prevent crime more effectively, capture criminals quicker, and ensure fewer citizens become victims of crime.

• Ensure our schools are safe and protected at all times.

• We need relentless investigation and strict prosecution of the criminals who hurt our children and take advantage of our elderly.

Greg will be an excellent, working sheriff. He wants the best for our county, and pairing his experience and his beliefs, he will be ready to start working on day one. He will work to curb crime and protect the innocent. Vote Greg Hannold for Rowan County Sheriff. He will work for a safer Rowan.

— Lora S. Owen


Butler for district attorney

As a local family with four young children and a strong love of our community, we have great concerns about the statistics regarding how dangerous of a city Salisbury has become. Rowan County as a whole needs change.

We need someone to take charge in regards to dangerous crime, and we believe Paxton Butler is the man for the job.

He is a fellow believer that is driven, determined to make a difference, and has a strong plan ready to implement if he is elected.

We stand beside him and pray that you will too.

— Ashton and Jordan-Leigh Frank


Concerned citizen will vote for Butler

I have lived in Salisbury for over the last two and a half years, although family members have lived here for decades. My family, friends, and neighbors agree that our community is no longer safe.

It concerns me that the office responsible for prosecuting dangerous criminals is not in top condition. The D.A.’s Office is trying many misdemeanors in Superior Court —and losing. The D.A.’s Office had half of its prosecutors leave within the last year.

I have worked in the private sector my entire life. This would not have been tolerated. I will vote for Paxton Butler.

— Tim Medlin


Cook competent, ethical and professional

I have known Rowan County District Attorney Brandy Cook for over 10 years. I have found her to be highly competent, ethical and professional. Having been in law enforcement at the local, military and federal level for over 26 years and worked with dozens of state and federal prosecutors throughout my career, I would put her at the top of the list.

Cook makes informed decisions based on evidence and facts and her decisions are non-political. She is not controlled by judges, defense attorneys or the local bar. Cook is driven by what is best for the victims and the overall safety of the community she serves.

Cook and her office have routinely worked with our agency the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of North Carolina, the United States Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Safe Streets task force to target violent offenders, gang members and major drug traffickers in our area.

It is then determined how to best prosecute these individuals and in what court of jurisdiction that will get the heftier sentence. We have engaged in a collaborative effort to target these individuals and remove them from our community thereby making our area a safer place.

I have personally attended legislative meetings alongside Cook in Raleigh to lobby for passage of stricter narcotics legislation and found her to be a champion for the cause of protecting our county and state.

I highly recommend that Brandy Cook be reelected Rowan County District Attorney.

— Kevin L. Black


Editor’s note: Black is past president and current board member of the NC Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association,


Wyrick for clerk of Superior Court

I am writing this letter to urge all voters in the upcoming election to vote for Todd Wyrick for the office of clerk of Superior Court.

I started my career with Salisbury Police Department around the same time as Todd started his career as a magistrate in Rowan County. I can say that after all these years you will not find a better candidate for the position of clerk of court. Todd is fair but firm in all his decisions and treats everyone with the utmost respect. It does not matter what the situation was but when I had to come to the magistrate’s office, I knew Todd would be efficient and make sound decisions with every case. He listened to every officer and citizen carefully and made everyone feel safe and important in each situation.

Todd always had a calm demeanor and created a climate that made all around feel the same way. Todd is respected by all officers and people in the courthouse. He is a kind and caring individual who cares for his colleagues and coworkers. He will be able to keep the clerk’s office running smoothly and making individuals feel that their individual situation will be taken care of as if it was personal to Todd.

He is a family-oriented man who works hard and will keep this same work ethic in the clerk’s office. You cannot go wrong with a vote for Todd. He will represent his county, state and family while doing his job as the next clerk of court. Vote Todd Wyrick.

— Greg Beam


Editor’s note: Beam is a retired lieutenant and criminal investigations commander with the Salisbury Police Department.

Retired police chief supports re-election of DA

As a veteran law enforcement officer with over 40 years of service to Rowan County, I can attest that District Attorney Brandy Cook is tough on crime, leads her office with integrity and always has our community front and center.

Brandy is invested in our community as a fellow Catawba College graduate, and she chose to remain in Rowan County. She has volunteered her time by serving on several boards; including the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, the Terri Hess House Child Advocacy Center and Communities in Schools. She works daily to make a positive impact on our community.

As a former police administrator (police chief for the China Grove Police Department) it was always a necessity to fully have appropriate coverage for the city.

Brandy recognized that officers needed to be working in our communities and not sitting in court unnecessarily. This is extremely important, especially now with many local agencies experiencing officer vacancies.

I had over the years, opportunities to work with our district attorney. She supported law enforcement and continues to do so by holding liaison meetings with all the agencies and teaching courtroom procedures and testimony. As the proctor of the local law community, it was my role to schedule bi-monthly meetings for agency leaders and one of my first implementations was to include a representative for her office.

She accepted openly and regularly participated in the meetings, always sharing her ideas with local leaders.

— Eddie M. Kluttz

China Grove

Editor’s note: Kluttz is the retired chief of the China Grove Police Department.