Letters to the editor: May 10

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Cook always helpful with difficult investigations

I am a life-long resident of Rowan County and I support Rowan County District Attorney Brandy Cook for re-election. I have supervised criminal investigations for the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office since 2006 and worked for the Sheriff’s Office since 1992.

Since DA Cook was elected I have personally investigated and assisted in the investigation of homicides, assaults, home invasions, robberies, sexual assaults and various crimes against children. DA Cook has always been available and assisted in completing some very difficult investigations. She has provided valuable advice to help produce a strong case that can be successfully prosecuted. Working together with DA Cook and her staff has helped remove countless violent and dangerous criminals from our community.

One of the most difficult and stressful murder cases that I’ve been involved in was the murder of 13-year-old Erica Parsons. DA Cook assisted personally in this case from the beginning and was instrumental in helping develop the investigative strategy that would eventually end with the successful prosecution of Erica’s adopted parents. We were able to bring Erica home to Rowan County for a proper burial and with the help of our community Erica received the beautiful ceremony she deserved.

I support DA Cook because of her dedication to our community and her experience as a successful aggressive prosecutor.

I have personally witnessed the work she does successfully trying several very difficult murder cases before juries. She does her job very well because she believes in what she does and wants to make our community safe.

It concerns me when career criminal defense attorneys are so committed with their support of any candidate for district attorney, judge or sheriff. As a 30-year veteran with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, I support Brandy Cook as district attorney and so should you.

— Chad Moose


Editor’s note: Moose is criminal division commander of the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office.

If you care, vote for Butler

Initially, it was unclear, and I was uncertain as to my vote in determining which candidate for district attorney would be best for my family and the citizens of Rowan County. For months I have followed and personally witnessed events which Paxton Butler and incumbent DA Brandy Cook have appeared and spoken at.

I have listened to both Paxton’s and Cook’s platform in their race for the position of Rowan County District Attorney. Since I have already witnessed what Cook has and has not produced within her current position as DA, it was time to look on the other side.

I have studied Paxton’s position and goals to enhance, correct and improve our current Rowan County DA Office. Butler has articulated an account of his experience and his solutions to rectify the current disarray Cook has manifested. It is my position to strongly encourage each Rowan County citizen, my fellow fire and rescue and law enforcement members to research and study statistics from our current DA’s office and let us put an experienced and resolute person in as Rowan County’s next district attorney by voting and electing Paxton Butler.

The old saying is: “If it’s not broken then don’t fix it.” Well, Cook broke it so let Paxton fix it.

—John Thomason Jr.


Re-elect Cook for district attorney

Over the past 11 years that Brandy Cook has been District Attorney for Rowan County, I have had the privilege to observe the passion DA Cook has for keeping our children safe and giving justice to our young victims.

I have seen firsthand her commitment to the Terrie Hess House, Rowan County’s Child Advocacy Center, by making sure the CAC implemented best practices and procedures to build the strongest cases for prosecution to hold offenders accountable and obtain justice for the victims and  ensured victims weren’t being revictimized by eliminating multiple statements being taken from the victim before they came to a courtroom.  Her hard work and commitment to obtaining justice resulted in the successful prosecution of the murderers of Erica Parsons.  I have also seen DA Cook being involved in events hosted by local nonprofits to raise awareness on the prevention of child abuse in Rowan County.

Brandy Cook will continue to seek justice for victims of child abuse in Rowan County as the district attorney.

— Matthew Marsh


Cook offers open communication

It is my extreme honor to endorse Brandy Cook for district attorney of Rowan County.

I met Brandy during her first candidacy for district attorney. She was invited to attend our daily briefing in the patrol room at the sheriff’s office. She spoke to each deputy, inquiring on how to better the relationship of the charging officer with the district attorney’s office. Her goal was to provide open communication during the initial investigation, follow through with the officer and the conviction of the offender.

At the time of our conversation, I had investigated several child abuse cases that led to charges. The cases were still pending trial. Sadly, my young victims were becoming of age and hesitant to testify as young adults. After being elected, Brandy made the cases a priority, convicting the offenders and giving my victims peace of mind and finally closure.     

Brandy’s gentle and empathetic nature with victims, young and old, has established her as an advocate for the defenseless.

Her strict commitment to prosecute the offenders has defined Brandy Cook as a true warrior.

— Lunda Eller

Gold Hill

Editor’s note: Eller is a master deputy with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office.

Vote Hannold for sheriff

In the time that I have known Greg Hannold, he has always shown a deep and true concern for Rowan County citizens, not only their well-being but also a genuine desire to give back to our community.

I appreciate Greg’s leadership. Rowan County needs an individual like Greg who has a day-to-day working knowledge of our community and will be a leader that will work to protect the citizens of Rowan County.

The times that I have called upon him for assistance with either scheduling a visit to the Rowan County Justice Center for a Cub Scout requirement or a question concerning how to handle a situation that may require interaction from the sheriff’s office, he has always helped.

Greg not only talks about how he will improve our community, but demonstrates it daily in his devotion with his current position within the Sheriff’s office as well with various civic organizations. I look forward to what he will do as our next sheriff.

— Quinn Swink


Retired sheriff backs Adkins

I am writing to invite my friends and neighbors in Rowan County to vote along with me for Michael Adkins to fill the Superior Court seat in the Republican primary on May 17. Mike has been practicing law in Rowan County for the past 30 years. Having seen him in action for his clients in the courtroom and his fair treatment to all members of both sides of the case leaves me to say that he will be fair and impartial to all as Superior Court judge.

I have also known him as a friend and fellow parent in Rowan County schools that our children attended together. Always friendly and willing to help others. Fine father and husband. Michael Adkins has honesty, integrity and is always the professional. Please vote on May 17 for Michael Adkins as Superior Court judge. And did I say he’s a long-time fellow Republican?

— George Wilhelm


Editor’s note: Wilhelm is a retired sheriff of Rowan County.

Cook dedicated to her profession

This letter comes with high recommendation for Brandy Cook to continue serving as district attorney for Rowan County. She displays integrity, impeccable skills, admirable leadership and strong-willed force to continue to drive our judicial system in the right direction even in the most difficult of times.

My husband and I are both employees of the Rowan-Salisbury School System and have known Brandy for decades. She has been invested in our community and our schools by serving on several boards that have a positive impact on our youth: Communities in Schools, Juvenile Crime Prevention Council and the Terrie Hess House Child Advocacy Center to name a few.

Brandy has the level of experience, true dedication and organization that is necessary to serve as our district attorney. She’s the definition of a hard worker and one that is dedicated to her profession and to the safety of this community.

After being at the shooting that took place at Catawba College in December, it was nice to see her at one of our middle schools meeting with school personnel and officers to partake in safety discussions to ensure precautions were being put in place for the safety of students and staff. In addition, I am impressed by the number of law enforcement officers who support her, including Sheriff Auten.

As a resident of Rowan County, Brandy Cook has my vote for district attorney.

— Mandi Sweet


Time to Budd out

We have now seen enough of the Budd campaign to recognize he is a man of no solutions other than wanting to build an ineffective wall. North Carolina deserves a senator for all the people rather than just a Mar-a-Lago mouthpiece.

I call on all unaffiliated N.C. voters to go to the polls and vote the Republican primary for anybody but Budd. The task is straightforward and the result should be Budd — Out!

— Eric Marsh

China Grove

Support for Saleeby

I am writing in support of Rebecca Saleeby for clerk of Superior Court in Rowan County. I have personally known Rebecca for more than 25 years. Her integrity, character, work ethic, training, skills and experience make her the obvious choice for this job.

Her opponent is a very good man and someone I also consider a good friend. But with these two competing for the same job, Rebecca is ready to hit the ground running.

In these times of unprecedented growth in our county, we need someone that is ready to work on day one. There isn’t time for a learning period.

Please vote Rebecca Saleeby for clerk of court in Rowan County.

— Carl Dangerfield


Vote Cook for district attorney

 I have known Brandy for several years.  She is loyal. She is confident. She is a proven leader. Brandy Cook successfully had a cold-blooded killer, Marlene Johnson, sentenced to life in prison without parole after the murder of Shirley Pierce. Not only was she representing the state in this trial, she represented my family.

 Again, Brandy is loyal, confident and a proven leader. I saw it firsthand during the criminal trial.

 Brandy is the right choice for district attorney. Brandy is the best choice for district attorney. Tell your friends and co-workers. Talk to your neighbors. We need Brandy Cook to remain as the Rowan County District Attorney.

 Vote Brandy Cook for district attorney.

 — Ryan Honeycutt


Supporting Klusman

I would like to endorse Judy Klusman for county commissioner.

Judy has years of experience in serving the community. Her particular interests in the health of Rowan County citizens. She has been successful, along with Greg Edds and Jim Greene, in bringing new employers to the county. New internet services are being expanded, a welcome change for those that live in rural Rowan County.

I heartily urge all who care about Rowan County vote for Judy, Greg and Jim.

— Marion Alice LeBleu


Retired sergeant supports butler

I am a retired sergeant with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, having 40 years of both state and local law enforcement experience. For the last 12 years of my career, I worked with the bailiff and courthouse security unit. I served as a bailiff in Superior Court where I observed Paxton Butler and Brandy Cook for five years. I know both candidates very well.

Paxton Butler is an excellent prosecutor who works well with courthouse staff. Brandy Cook does not work well with courthouse staff and wastes a lot of taxpayer money on jurors that are not used. New leadership is necessary in the district attorney’s office.

I, along with many others in law enforcement, have fully supported Paxton since his candidacy was announced. Please speak with those you know in law enforcement. We are ready for change in Rowan County.

— Daron Stewart