Quotes of the week: ‘I’ve enjoyed every day’

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 6, 2022

“I’m not mentally ready to retire, but it’s time physically. … I’ve enjoyed every day.”

— Betty Stirewalt, who retired at age 87 after 28 years of working at Food Lion

“I would still like us to go back one more time and see what we can do to hold where we are and not do a tax increase this year.”

— Cheryl Sheets, China Grove town councilwoman who was the only vote against setting a public hearing on a proposed budget that would include a 2 cent property tax increase

“We still have so many of our small business really in recovery mode and those are the business we are really encouraging to apply for this phase two of the Business Recovery Grant program.”

— Elaine Spalding, president of the Rowan County Chamber of Commerce as the North Carolina Department of Revenue’s Business Recovery Grant
program’s second phase was launched

“Not everyone who goes to seminary wants to be a pas- tor. I think it’s something like 50%, if that.”

— Rev, Jeff Richards, who launched the Charlotte Divinity School with classes being hosted at churches like Maupin Avenue Presbyterian

“We’re trying to show them, even though they’re little, they can make a difference in the world, even with a small rock.”

— Bonita Rowland, kindergarten teacher at St. John’s Lutheran Church as students placed kindness stones at
Bell Tower Green

“Volunteers do much more than deliver meals. For many of our participants, a brief conversation during meal
delivery is the only social interaction they get that day.”

— Sandy Combs, Meals on Wheels Rowan’s program director

“A public library collection is current, popular material, so we have a pretty high turnover.”

— Melissa Oleen, Rowan Public Library director at the massive Bookpalooza book sale

“A superintendent is more than a leader of the school system. I am praying they can find the right person.”

— Patty Overcash, Rowan Partners for Education executive director on the search for a new Rowan-Salisbury Schools superintendent

“I’m getting to create things and I get to play with plants out in the woods. Also, I get to help people. That’s always something I’ve been drawn to, helping others.”

— Candice CasaSanta, who sells remedies, teas and skin care products under the brand name Fiddlehead
Traditional Wellness