Letters to the editor: April 26

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Brandy Cook for district attorney

I have known Brandy Cook for the past 25 years and I support her for re-election as our district attorney.

I first met Brandy when she was a member of the Catawba College volleyball team. During her time at Catawba College, Brandy also worked with the Salisbury YMCA as an after school counselor, summer coordinator and coach. She graduated from Catawba College earning a double major in political science and sociology while also participating on the Catawba College volleyball team and other volunteer activities.

After Brandy graduated from Catawba, she chose to make Rowan County her home. Having lived in Rowan County for almost 25 years, she cares about our community and has been tough on crime.

Brandy Cook is a leader that I would hope the people of Rowan County would continue to support.

— Jeff Childress

Support Dry for judge

I am writing in support of Cynthia Dry in her candidacy for District Court judge. I met Cynthia more than 20 years ago when I came to Rowan County to practice law. At the time, she was a prosecutor under District Attorney Bill Kenerly. I learned quickly that Cynthia was a person of utmost integrity, extremely hard-working and passionate about serving the citizens of Rowan County.  And I can tell you that nothing holds truer today.

Since putting herself through college and the prestigious UNC School of Law, Cynthia has dedicated her life to public service. For nearly 30 years, from her time as a public school teacher to her decades of practicing law, Cynthia has had an unwavering commitment to integrity, honesty, and morality. I know firsthand what a difficult job Cynthia has held for the last 17 years, as I preceded her as the attorney for Child Protective Services. Her position is certainly not a “9 to 5” job, because, tragically, children in our county are abused and neglected at all hours of the day and night.

Cynthia has been “on call” for our county 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 17 years to respond to the demands of protecting our community’s most vulnerable citizens — our children. Most importantly, Cynthia has always lived her life, both personally and professionally, according to her Christian values. Cynthia displays these values in the care, compassion and judgment that she brings to her work every day.

A vote for Cynthia Dry for District Court judge is a vote for the candidate with the experience, integrity, dedication and judgment to make a difference for the citizens of Rowan County.

— Blake Evans


Cato embodiment of ‘public servant’

I support Tommie Cato for Rowan Sheriff. I have enjoyed working alongside Tommie for the last 30 years. I support Tommie for the selfless service that he has demonstrated for over three decades. Tommie has always professionally conducted himself, performed his duties without bias, and held himself accountable for his actions and those around him.

Tommie embodies the meaning of “public servant.” He has given years of service with some of the most distinguished government bodies as a U.S. Marine, North Carolina State Trooper and Deputy Sheriff of Rowan County.

But beyond those career services, his commitment to community and church is exhibited by his works, which speak to his true character. If you know Tommie personally, you know this to be true. If you don’t know him, I urge you to reach out to him. He is a devoted Christian family man.

Tommie believes in the community-first law enforcement approach, helping and responding to the problems that the communities face — using the resources available, re-tooling the Sheriff’s Office to meet the needs of the public —providing safety to the residents of Rowan County in a responsible way.

Tommie speaks of an optimistic future for Rowan County, where we work together with partners in the communities to provide the services that the citizens of Rowan County deserve in a professional, ethical and efficient manner.

Rowan County needs a public servant. The deputies need a servant leader. We don’t need polished politicians telling us what we want to hear, only to disappoint. Tommie promises to lead from the front, by example, and in a manner that exhibits his character. Positive, truthful, compassionate and passionate.

Elect Tommie Cato Sheriff for a stronger Rowan County, a safer Rowan County, a Rowan County poised to prosper in the future.

— Mike Vickers


Butler quick to provide answers

Last week’s debate between Paxton Butler, candidate for Rowan County District Attorney, and incumbent D.A. Brandy Cook, certainly provided voters with important information to consider.

Butler was quick with his answers from the moderator, while Cook appeared to be preoccupied for much of the debate. Possibly, she was distracted by her phone.

Cook’s lofty ideas and plans sound great, but under her administration, Salisbury and Rowan County crime rates have continued to rise. As Butler pointed out, Salisbury has gained the nickname “Shotsbury” due to out-of-control gun violence.

Butler pointed out that Cook’s propensity to use the threat of a future lengthy prison sentence is ineffective when it takes the D.A.’s office a year to bring a case to court and then has a less than 50% conviction rate.

When asked, Cook could not provide information on the number of criminal cases awaiting trial in Rowan County. It is inexcusable for her to not know that information. Was her response a way to hedge the question?

Butler’s explanation of deferred prosecution for first time low-level offenders certainly makes sense, and this practice is a proven method for reducing repeat offender crime. Deferred prosecution is not a “get out of jail free card.” Offenders are placed on probation and required to perform community service. Victims are not forgotten. Restitution is an important part of the formula. Additionally, this approach frees up the D.A.’s office to concentrate on violent crimes and the repeat offenders who create chaos in our community.

An experienced D.A., like Paxton Butler, who has a proven track record, will make a significant difference in the current back log of criminal cases in Rowan County. Vote Paxton Butler for district attorney.

— Barry Medinger Sr.


Strong Republican women needed

We need strong Republican women holding elected positions. Please vote for these ladies:

Brandy Cook for district attorney can easily be called Wonder Woman. She’s tough, she’s a fighter and she stands for truth and justice. Brandy works around the clock ensuring our safety. Many times she’s the first to arrive and the last to leave the office, always investigating and looking for the truth. We are fortunate to have Cook as our DA and we must ensure her another term (and between us, I feel certain she has a truth lasso somewhere).

Lauren Hoben for District Court judge wholeheartedly embodies Lady Justice. She is honest and full of integrity. Hoben will administer blind justice by weighing the facts and evidence equally, and only dropping her veil after justice has been served. We need someone who is for the people. A judge who will act as a pillar to our community and role model for our criminal justice system.

Rebecca Saleeby for clerk of Superior Court is much like Martha from the Bible. She is a strong conservative woman full of strength and determination. Saleeby has nearly three decades experience working in the criminal justice system. She’s worked as a magistrate, a clerk and as an instructor for the courts. She is the most experienced candidate for this position.

Angie Spillman for Rowan County commissioner is the Iron Lady. She is a wife, mother of six and patriot. Angie holds multiple degrees from Liberty University where they train Champion’s for Christ. She’s an advocate and fighter. Her platform is Pro-God, Pro-Life, Pro-Gun and America First. Angie is the law and order candidate. As commissioner she will act as the people’s voice, advocating for our military, vets, law enforcement, fire, EMS/rescue, our children, small businesses, farmers and safe communities.

— Nancy Noto