Letters to the editor: April 24

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 24, 2022

Spillman’s math doesn’t work

“Pro God…Pro Life…Pro Gun,” so proclaims Angie Spillman’s yard signs. Her website declares her to be a “devoted Christian” and she commits to keeping Rowan County a “2nd Amendment sanctuary.”

With six standing branches of the U.S. military having 2.2 million members, a “well-ordered militia” hardly seems necessary and only about 5% of Americans hunt. So what then is the purpose of the 393 million guns owned by Americans? Killing, specifically killing human beings … nearly 39,000 each year in the U.S.

How can a person be both pro-gun and pro-life? If a person keeps a gun for protection, have they not made a conscious decision that they are willing to take a human life to protect themselves and their property? Any pro-God “devoted Christian” would know that Christ taught us to love everyone. You don’t shoot someone you love!

People claiming to be Christians frequently cite the Old Testament teaching of “eye for eye, tooth for tooth” but ignore the fact that Christ explicitly repudiated that in Matthew’s Gospel.

 Spillman advocates “for more funding, resources, sheriff’s deputies…” Why? Rowan County has a violent death rate that is two-thirds higher than Mecklenburg County despite having a sheriff’s department that is nearly three times the number of officers per capita. I can find no evidence that larger police forces result in lower violent crime rates. She also wants to add yet another county department to support small businesses. At the same time she advocates tax reduction. How do you spend more money on the Sheriff’s Department and add another department while taking in less tax revenue?

Unlike the federal government, which under Trump added over $7 trillion to the national debt in four years, Rowan County is not allowed to run a deficit. The math simply doesn’t work.

 Finally, Spillman’s website claims she would “cut wasteful spending” without specifying what spending she considers wasteful. One person’s “wasteful spending” is another’s absolute necessity. It would be nice to know whose ox she plans to gore before election day.

— Thomas J. Strini


Good, better, best …

Good, better or best is a standard we all understand to express value and use in decision making. Rowan County has some good candidates for the office of sheriff; however, one, Greg Hannold, stands out as the best for this very important job.

Greg has gained experience in leadership as he works in the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office as:

• Training coordinator

• Civil Division sergeant

• Civil lieutenant

• Detention Center captain

• Courthouse, jail, Landis Training Center, Concealed Carry Program captain

Greg’s integrity and professionalism has been recognized as he was awarded:

• Officer of the Year: three times at two different agencies

• Several individual commendations

• Life Saving Award

Greg’s dedication to community service is evident as he directs charity programs through the sheriff’s office:

• Thanksgiving and Christmas family programs

• Homeless: clothing, blankets, toiletries, etc.

• Received “Blueline Brotherhood Officer of the Year Award” for charitable giving

Greg is a Freemason and Shriner. Greg is a Rowan-Cabarrus Community College instructor of criminal justice.

It is evident that Greg is the best and most qualified candidate as shown in experience, dedication and knowledge to make Rowan County the best place to live.

Please vote, April 28 to May 14 (early vote) or May 17 and vote Greg Hannold for this very important job.

— Donna Kesler


Make your vote count in primary

The 2022 primary is here, early voting starts on April 28 and Election Day is on May 17. In the past, many people have ignored the primary, especially in a non-presidential year. After all, we don’t vote for the big races until November, right? Let’s just wait until each party lands on one candidate, then I’ll do my research and vote. But did you take a look at all the races in the 2022 primary?

There are many races where the primary is the only time many candidates will face a challenger. The Rowan County District Attorney, District 19C and Superior Court 19C judges, Clerk of Superior Court, and NC House 83 will only have challengers in this primary. Whoever wins will not face an opponent in November. It is up to you now to do your research and make your vote count in the primary. These roles are critical in our local and state government. If you don’t vote in the primary, you are letting others choose for you.

For races with multiple candidates in both the primary and November elections, one of the most important is the sheriff’s race. The sheriff is the only elected law enforcement official. Each party has multiple candidates. Do your research now and vote for the candidate you believe is best suited to serve Rowan County.

The N.C. Court of Appeals and N.C. Supreme Court have contested races as well. We have all seen how important our judges are in N.C. in the past couple of years. You need to get out and vote in the primary for the strongest candidates.

There is also an extremely long list of candidates for the U.S. Senate seat for N.C. on both primary ballots. Take your time and do your research. This will be the person representing us in Washington.

Please remember that the U.S. is a constitutional republic. It means that we elect our representatives to vote and act on our behalf. Make sure you are electing representatives responsibly after much thought and consideration.

— Erica Vedeikis


Dry protects rights of children

I have had the privilege in my 12 years as a guardian ad litem to work alongside Cynthia Dry as she advocated and protected the rights of children. She always was very prepared, communicated very well her position as the attorney for DSS, and held the rule of law primary.

She has this experience as an attorney advocate as well as her prosecutorial experience to guide her as she rules as district court judge. I would highly recommend her to voters for the position of district court judge.

— John Carlton


Time to change district attorney

 It is time to make an immediate change with the district attorney. I am voting for Republican Paxton Butler.

In short, I have been a resident of Rowan County for the past 38 years, and I plan on being a lifetime resident. My children and family also reside in the county and are living, working and going to school in the Salisbury area. This is why it’s important to me. I am angered that our community is plagued by violence.

The current district attorney, Brandy Cook, touts her political endorsements. In contrast, Butler touts his experience as a 25-year prosecutor with guilty verdicts in all jury trials except one since 2008. Unlike Cook, he is not a politician.

Anyone who attended the debate between Cook and Butler witnessed who was the far superior candidate. Butler was the undisputed winner of that debate.  Cook appeared as a politician with little to no substance, relying on her phone to answer questions. In contrast, Butler answered questions directly and revealed large problems with the District Attorney’s office which many in this community do not know (e.g., prosecutors have lost the majority of jury trials since last summer, which is well below the state average; serious criminal cases have been dismissed; and talented prosecutors are leaving, etc.).

You do not have to take my word for this. I ask you to do three things. First, visit the courthouse to watch the District Attorney’s office in court. Second, speak with any attorney, clerk, bailiff or court staff member about these candidates. Third, speak with any juror who concluded his or her service recently in a criminal Superior Court jury trial. You will leave with a common theme: change is needed immediately, and that change is Paxton Butler.

I am voting for Butler. You should too.

— William H. Irvin III