Evelyn Uddin-khan: An appeal to our leaders

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 24, 2022

By Evelyn Uddin-khan

For the Salisbury Post

As we approach the primaries in May, and the midterms in November, I want to make a special appeal to all elected candidates.

At this moment in our history, whether we want to accept it or not, we are a deeply divided nation. I put the blame for this at our politicians’ feet. On the other hand, I put my hopes for change in the hearts of our elected people.

Here is a list of 12 areas that divide this nation today.

(1) Race. Intolerance and oppression of people because of their color and ethnic origin is below the standard by which any American should live. God gives people their race and color.

(2) Religion. When children are born, God gives them their religion. Why should Jews, Muslims and people of other faiths suffer religious persecution because of other people’s political belief.

(3) Politics. We have two political parties that can’t agree on anything. Isn’t it time to build bridges across the divide in Congress and State Houses and begin to work for the people who voted for you? The people who pay your salary. Who give you the best health care!

(4) Abortion. Why have politicians turned abortion into a political football? Abortion is a private matter between a female, her doctor and her God. When did God appoint politicians as judges of women?

(5) Guns. How many more guns do we need to feel safe? I feel unsafe everyday because I don’t know where and when — a restaurant, a supermarket, a parking lot — someone will shoot me dead.

(6) COVID-19. This was/is a national disaster and our politicians made it another political football as 1 million people died. Could our politicians have managed this crisis better and saved some of those people? National standards would have saved many lives.

(7) Supreme Court. Politicians have turned the House of Justice into their own bit of policy control. That is wrong. The people on those benches take some of the blame too.

(8) 50 States / 50 Countries. We have 50 states in America and sometimes it feels as if we have 50 countries in America. We can cross any state border and barter drugs, buy guns, find sex traffickers, enjoy the slave trade, etc. Our politicians have the list. What are they doing about it? If this is one country, shouldn’t we have a few national laws?

(9) Rich and Poor. It is time to re-evaluate the privileged and the under-privileged of today. It is getting worse. It seems that once politicians are elected, they get rich quickly and forget the poor. Show me a poor politician and I’ll show you 329 million poor Americans.

(10) Voting and Elections. There is no voter fraud in this country. To cry voter fraud is an attack on the integrity of this nation. The United States of America has the best, fairest election system in the world. It worked for centuries. Let’s keep it that way!

(11) Democracy and Fascism. On our present path our democracy is not going to survive. When politicians begin to tamper with voting laws and rights, and cry voter fraud the demise of democracy is nearby. Please read your history books. Please prove me wrong!

(12) Empires. Our empire cannot survive with so many divisions. You— the politicians — are in charge. Change your methods of governing and save a great nation.

To our politicians, I ask you: What kind of country do you want to leave for your grand children to inherit? The America I envision for my grandkids to live in is filled with tolerance and compassion and acceptance for all people, all races, all religions. With liberty, justice, freedom and equality for all. Let me add health care and affordable housing for all.

These are my American dreams for future generations of American and I appeal to our elected officials to make this dream — our dream —  a reality.

Evelyn Uddin-khan moved to Salisbury in 2018 after living in the New York City area for most of her life. She taught in public schools and for a community college in the New York City area.