Letter; Spillman a champion for small businesses

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 21, 2022

Big business. That’s everything people hear about nowadays. They constantly move into the county with the constant spending by our current county commissioners. It’s about bringing big money to Rowan County with little regard for the common people.

The county commissioners always brag about their bigger businesses coming into Rowan, but if this was that good, why not cut property taxes? Especially for those over 70. People like me have almost paid for their house twice with the current levels of property tax.

One candidate that understands the hurt of big corporations coming to this county is Angie Spillman. She is a champion for small businesses and wants to work with our county’s budget to lower property taxes. Spillman understands why these big corporations will hurt our county in the long run, while wanting to preserve land for our farmers.

Another issue is CRT in our schools. We need to fix our education system and get a commissioner in there that will help fight against this. Spillman is one of the only candidates to constantly advocate for removing CRT in our school system.

Join me in supporting Angie Spillman for Rowan County commissioner. Please do your research on every candidate and vote in this year’s primary.

— Jerry Gardner