Letter: Two cultures with no ethics, decency

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 17, 2022

The woke jokes in Hollywood and Democrat politics continue to entertain us with their pathetic attempts at being real.

Former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo was given an Emmy for his regular COVID responses and updates even as he lied about the reported numbers. It was taken back the same day he resigned from office when he could no longer cover his sexual abuse claims from several women including staff members.

Will Smith was given a Best Actor Oscar after he slapped Chris Rock on stage then hurled abusive and foul language at him on national television. The Academy banned him for 10 years from attending their annual ceremony that no one watches and only is attended by their own for self-serving awards.

Any organization with any decency and honor would have immediately revoked his award once his name was announced as the winner. Then again, these two cultures have no ethics or decency.

— Floyd Prophet