Letter: Kind, good people are still out there

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 17, 2022

All I hear on the news these days is about all kinds of acts of violence, murders, etc. Listening to the news is very depressing to see how our country is going down hill.

However, in our times of fear and turmoil there are many people who are so kind and so good. There are not enough words that I could ever say to thank my family, friends, church members and even people I don’t even know for all of their acts of kindness. I have been so blessed.

I had unexpected spinal surgery in January 2021, I had lost feeling in my feet and could not walk. My husband (Warren) took me to the emergency room at Novant Medical Center in Salisbury. They took an MRI of my spine and found a mass. They said that they were not equipped to handle a surgery on my spine so they sent me to Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte via ambulance.

I was released from Presbyterian hospital after 46 days and was transferred home in a wheelchair-accessible van. As we were pulling into our driveway there were several people standing in the yard with a welcome sign. It was my group of friends from the South Rowan YMCA. How touching to see them there.

From that day forward for the next 30+ days we received meals from members of our church (St. Luke’s Lutheran, Mount Ulla) , family (Patsy M, Paula O, Kathy H, Debbie G), from my children (Doug, Matthew and Lauren) and friends (Susan O, Jane S, Penny P, Linda H, Tara L, Elsie B, just to name a few). I also got a lot of “get well” cards and “thinking of you” cards from lots of friends and family.

The church we attend, St. Luke’s Lutheran, took up a love offering for me. (It was a big help to us to buy a handicap accessible van.) The van has definitely been a Godsend. There are not enough words that I could ever say to thank all the people who have been so caring and kind.

It has been 15 months since my surgery. I am still confined to a wheelchair, but I am getting stronger. The doctor said if my feeling in my feet was not back within 18 months (after surgery) it probably would not be back. I pray every day for God’s healing.

There are so many good and kind people in Rowan County. I have been amazed at all the kindness and care I have received. Thanks to all of you so much! Love you all…

— Micki Karriker

Mount Ulla