Letter: How can candidate spend so much time campaigning?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 17, 2022

I am a retired veteran from Pennsylvania but I’ve lived all over the country. Being a transplant to the county I do not know who to vote for in many of the local elections.

Therefore I attend as many events as I can to try to make an informed decision. At many of these events I ran into Cynthia Dry. At first I thought she was a warm and bubbly person. But then I got to thinking how is she able to spend so much time campaigning?

I am retired so I’ve got nothing better to do but go to events all day. I realized she’s a county employee and is likely campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime. The county commissioners need to investigate her. Every minute she’s campaigning during the time she is supposed to be at work costs the county money.

The county is literally funding her to campaign. She should take a leave of absence from her job if she intends on going to events during business hours. What she is doing is dishonest. The inability to separate her employment with her campaign is mind boggling.

This highlights an issue with her morality and it’s a character flaw. I think it’s a cardinal sin to waste people’s money particularly other people’s money. The county deserves better.

— Buddy Reid