Quotes of the week: ‘People walk around … and don’t realize what happened’

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 15, 2022

“People walk around all day long and don’t realize what happened where they’re walking.”

— Sean Dunham, seeking to educate people about the ‘Battle of Salisbury’ on its 157th anniversary

“I have all of this accumulated knowledge from all of the cases I’ve handled … from all the legal stuff I’ve had to learn. Now I’m at the point where I want to take all of that knowledge and I want to put it to work.”

— Michael Adkins, attorney running for Superior Court judge seat

“An activist judge shouldn’t be a judge. That should just not be a thing. An activist judge is in violation of the constitution.”  

— Tim Gould, who is seeking to retain his seat after being appointed senior resident Superior Court judge in June

“This has been one of the most fortunate and unfortunate situations.”  

— Alisha Byrd-Clark, vice chair of the Rowan-Salisbury Schools board on losing Superintendent Tony Watlington to Philadelphia

“It’s like watching a football offense come out of a huddle. They come out with a play and they split up and go and execute that play. That’s pretty much what firefighters do when they arrive at the scene of a fire.”  

— Jay Baker, who retired from the Salisbury Fire Department after nearly 30 years and rising to division chief

“My goal is not to stop progress, but to keep 10 small businesses from suffering financial loss.”  

— Wivianny Dehaas, Heart of Salisbury Yoga owner on issues with a dumpster outside her location during nearby building renovations

“When you get those kids for the very first time doing the rocket launch, I say ‘I’m sorry dad, you’re in it now, you’re going to end up buying model rockets and shooting them.’ ”  

— Neil Pifer, director of Horizons Unlimited’s Woodson Planetarium at a library star party event

“Even though they’re in an assisted living center, they’re still the person they were and that needs to be respected. They’ve all lived lives and been us and they just need a little help right now.”    

— Susan Morris, who is stepping back from Bethamy Retirement Center in Spencer after nearly five decades