Letter: Who is really behind new Dollar General store?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 14, 2022

Who do we have to thank for the Dollar General at Old Mocksville Road?

Seems our mayor recused herself because her son was part of the development team for the Dollar General project at the corner of Old Mocksville Avenue and 7th Street Extension.

Do we have the mayor’s son to thank for all the Dollar Generals that are popping up in Rowan County? Has the number of Dollar General stores now surpassed the number of Food Lion stores in Rowan County?

The “fresh” concept store is being built at the back door to the store that put Salisbury on the map and has fed Salisbury and Rowan County for years through corporation or private donations. Now I wonder if the City Council even cares it just took the spoon from the mouth that feeds them, the county, or the communities that rely on Food Lion’s generosity?

Will Food Lion continue to feed us in the years ahead as the “fresh” concept stores continue to grow throughout? If not, we can always ask the mayor’s son for Dollar General to step up, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. I personally will not be one of the 4,600 estimated residents to visit the store, I support those that support us.

— Tammy Pinkston