Letter: Children should get the chance to be children

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 14, 2022

I read the letter from Ms. Hanson-Kelly about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. I don’t know her entire record, but I do know she gave criminals arrested for possession of child porn less than the minimum sentence, repeatedly.

Low lifes like these should have the book thrown at them. What about the children that were used to make the films, what if it was your child next?

The Democrats in Washington are complaining about the new Florida law that stops sex from being taught to kindergarten to the fourth grade. It does not mention the word gay, but it says that parents should teach their children about, that they may be gay, straight, or transgender. Besides children that age should be learning to read, write and do math and play and have fun, not being indoctrinated to the left’s view on sexuality.

The Democrats like Durbin said things have changed. Well I pray it has not, children still need to be children.

— Chris Rodgers

China Grove