My Turn, Evelyn Uddin-Khan: Questions for Rep. Budd

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 10, 2022

By Evelyn Uddin-Khan

As a voter, I have two questions for U.S. Rep. Ted Budd (R-District 13, NC) who is running for U.S. Senate.

First, it is public knowledge that Budd is very friendly toward Putin and Russia. His website spells it out and the Salisbury Post’s Political Notebook on Tuesday (March 1) also highlighted his views on Putin.

Budd, an ardent admirer of Putin, should be a warning sign for all sane voters. Budd’s voting record is in support of all things Putin and Russia. Do we need more pro-Russian members in the Senate? Isn’t that anti-democratic?

Do you know that Putin in 1999 conquered Chechnya? In 2008, he grabbed Georgia. In 2014, he annexed Crimea. In 2022, now as you look on and applaud, he is bombing Ukraine.

Is Budd the leader and friend we want on our side? The representative we want in Congress?

Shouldn’t a member of Congress be more faithful to American democracy than to Russian totalitarianism? If you lose your election bid for Senate, would you cry foul and scream election fraud?

Second, there have also been several shootings, murder, violence by guns in Salisbury recently, including at Catawba College. It is my understanding that Budd sells guns for a living.

So I ask, after a shooting or murder in Salisbury or Rowan County, have you ever questioned (or cared) whether guns you sold were used in killing innocent people?

I would have some serious nightmares if I sold guns that killed innocent people in Salisbury.

Budd describes his background as a firearm business owner and owner of a gun range — a place to practice safe firearm handling … “the desire of the public to have a safe place to shoot.” His website is nicely decorated with guns and gun laws.

There are 331 million people in the United States and 350 killion (million) legal guns out there. Another 50 million illegal guns are out on our streets.

According to Budd’s website, he wants “strong representation in Congress” for the gun industry.

As I write this, there are two mass shootings in Sacramento and Dallas. Many innocent people died by guns and more injured. Guns do kill people!

How about strong help for the elderly, child care and better education for K-12? How about education for poor women to help them become self-sufficient and out of poverty?

How about working for voters and not promoting Putin and gun sales?

These are strong messages for voters to send to Budd. A Putin admirer and a gun salesman has no place in Congress. Not now! Not ever!

Evelyn Uddin-khan moved to Salisbury in 2018 after living in the New York City area for most of her life. She taught in public schools and for a community college in the New York City area.