Letter: Response to letter in the mail

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 20, 2022

This is my reply to the response to my letter to the editor published on Feb. 20. I received your letter by mail with no return address which was signed “Ole, Liberal Five-Percenter.”

 At the age of 30 my wife and I moved to a different state and when we registered to vote, she chastised me for, again, registering as a Democrat.  It is true that I am registered as a Republican and have been approached in the past to serve in the party but I have refused as I felt that I would be bound by the party and I do not always agree with their tenets. Many times I have voted a split ticket.

 You imply that the USA has never been a Christian nation and mentioned the First Amendment.  Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written along Judeo-Christian principles.  Your statement that, “Puritans, Pilgrims, Quakers and Catholics came to this country to escape religious persecution and domination by state-run religions in Europe” is true.  They came to escape the various practices and distorted versions of the Bible developed to suit the ruling classes in the various countries.  The Puritans and Pilgrims drew up documents such as the “Mayflower Compact” which were documents that “foreshadowed the flowering of American democracy.”  No one, to my knowledge, has been forced to become a Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, etc. by a state or this nation.

 You suggest that the Old Testament is nothing more than history.  I submit that you read Matt. 5:17-18, 38-39 and Hosea 4:6.  Christ came to fulfil the law but God’s complete law has not yet been fulfilled as Christ is still with us.  Matt. 28:20, Mark 16:20.

 True, the words homosexual, abortion or fetus do not appear in the Bible.  I recommend you read Genesis 18 and 19, Romans 1:26-32, James 1:13-16, I Corinthians 6:8-10, Psalms 22:10, Psalms 127:3 and 139:13, Isaiah. 44:2, 24 and 46:3, Jeremiah. 1:5, Luke 1:15.  Genesis 21:22-25 specially states “child” not fetus.

 I perceive that you aren’t a veteran due to the disparaging and vulgar remarks you used to disrespect and dishonor the millions who have defended your right to make those statements.

 One would discern that you are an angry miserable individual and since you know where I live, I invite you to come by so I could introduce you to the person I met 42 years ago that took away my pain.

 — Roy Chambers