Letter: Make your vote count

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 20, 2022

Involvement in a campaign can be stressful and can have an impact on many, including making the decision on which candidate to vote for. I would like to take this opportunity to help your vote for Rowan County District Court Judge Seat No. 3.

In 2021, I retired with 38 years of service with the Rowan County government. Most of those years I served as an administrative assistant/paralegal with the Department of Social Services Child Protective Services Legal Division.

During my years within the courtroom and office setting employed with DSS CPS, I had the opportunity to work with Lauren Hoben.

Hoben announced her candidature for Rowan County District Court Judge in mid-year of 2021. In late 2021, she  no longer was running unopposed.

In my position with the Rowan County CPS Legal Division, I often had ongoing contact with attorneys. I met, often observed, communicated with, and often discussed various aspects of cases and circumstances that Hoben was involved in. Clearly, she was opposing counsel when it came to DSS Court. Hoben always promoted a respectful, authentic and sincere demeanor while fighting to protect her client’s rights. Hoben always came to court prepared and alert as she took her role as an attorney earnestly in an intelligent and positive role.

In conversations with Hoben, she has made it clear that, win or lose, she plans to run a clean campaign. I admire Hoben’s sincere and genuine platform as a candidate for Rowan County District Court Judge.

Hoben has the qualifications, the quality, dedication, experience, and the ability to interpret and enforce the law fairly and equitably. She would be a great asset to the Rowan County judicial system.

Please consider to vote and elect Lauren Hoben for Rowan County District Court Judge.

Early voting dates are April 28 through May 14.

— Gwen Thomason