Letter: Places to find littering in action

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 13, 2022

Is it possible for the Salisbury Post to do a feature article on roadside litter in Rowan County? Can the populace be moved by pictures of the worst stretches of road litter?

When I was a kid an eon ago, North Carolina was called the “green and clean” state. Visitors from out of state marveled at the beauty of our state and the cleanliness of the roadsides.

Can you produce an article that tells where churches and civic groups can obtain orange vest and trash bags to use in roadside clean-up?

If you are looking for a place to photograph, follow the Third Street Extension passed the littered banks of Grant Creek to Ridge Road. Turn left and observe how carless people dispose of their trash all the way to Ellis Cross Roads.

Also, people headed out of Woodleaf Road to the landfill are not securely covering their loads. Trash flies out of pick-up truck beds with a loose tarp flapping. This is a good place to observe people actively spreading their garbage. Said people need to be ticketed.

If any group goes out to clean up roadsides, they should be alert to traffic because people care so little that they’re throwing out Bojange’s boxes out of the car windows. They’re likely to be careless drivers also.

If you walk regularly, take a trash bag and gloves to keep your streets and roads clean — every little bit helps.

— Dan Lyerly