Quotes of the week: ‘We take seriously Christ’s calling’

Published 12:01 am Friday, March 11, 2022

“Christ calls on us to serve those in need and we take seriously Christ’s calling.”

— Carl Haynes, pastor on Christiana Lutheran Church’s donation of more than 1,100 blankets to the North American Lutheran Church’s disaster relief warehouse

“Whether I’m here or I’m not here, the town as a whole is at the point where you’re
going to need a manager on-site at all times.”

— Michael Douglas, East Spencer town administrator on potentially changing East Spencer’s form of governing to a council-manager model

“Most of my life has been tied to that business, that space, that land.”

— Steve Yang, Salisbury dentist speaking as demolition crews began bringing down the Happy Traveler Inn that his parents ran from 1978 to 1985

“I’m happy they’re listening to the employees and making the work environment better.    I feel good closing out this issue and calling it a success.”

— Kenny Hardin, former City Council member on Postal Service leadership’s efforts to resolve complaints about the East Spencer post office

“I know I can’t go for all of their seats, but I am going for Judy’s seat. … It’s hard being a Republican woman. We have to stand up and we have to take care of what men are afraid to take care of, like pro-life issues.”

— Angie Spillman, candidate for  the  Board of Commissioners speaking of Judy Klusman at the Rowan County Republican Convention

“I truly believe in what we’re doing here at Morgan. I’m seeing the benefits.”

— Susan Morriston, who teaches level two at Morgan Elementary as part of a different approach to grades and personalized learning

“A lot of people around the state doubted us at different times this season. Now we can tell them — no, now we can show them — that we are a great team.”

— Rachel McCullough, Salisbury senior after the Hornets defeated Shelby 45-44 in double overtime to reach Saturday’s state championship

“It’s the only non-inflationary ticket that you can buy in 2022.”

— Kyle Yoder, Salisbury Kiwanis Club president on the $5 cost for the annual pancake festival

“I’m inspired by what I have seen in the West End.”

— Mae Carroll, vice president of the Salisbury Community Development Corporation on plans to demolish Eaman Park Apartments and redevelop the 3.95-acre property