Letter: Are Budd, McCrory trying to cover up former guy’s misdeeds?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 6, 2022

On the front page of the Post Tuesday, Rep. Ted Budd and former Gov. Pat McCrory criticized President Joe Biden for Ukraine. Are they trying to cover up all of the misdeeds by the former guy twice impeached? The GOP platform in 2016 was changed to do harm to Ukraine. And do they remember how the former guy tried to engage Ukraine in his ruse to indict the Bidens in a fantasy?

Further, it was Donald Trump during his reign who bowed to Mr. Putin, weakening the U.S. and encouraged Putin to believe the U.S. is weak. The former guy also tried to weaken NATO for his guy, Putin, and failed to get along with leaders in other countries other than “strong men” and dictators.

President Biden is doing a very good job, putting together a coalition of NATO and EU, standing together for Ukraine. At the beginning of the invasion, Mr. Trump praised Putin for his strength. Those in the GOP criticizing President Biden for his Ukraine leadership are dead wrong.

The blame belongs with dictator Putin and, in the US, with Donald J. Trump and his GOP. President Biden deserves our appreciation, not criticism.

— Pat Bullard

China Grove