North Hills basketball teams compete in state playoffs

Published 12:12 am Thursday, February 24, 2022

Staff report
 SALISBURY — North Hills Christian School’s varsity basketball teams made it to the second round of the North Carolina Independent State Athletic Association playoffs.

The boys team won 72-31 against Southside Christian School in the first round and lost 86-76 in overtime to Victory Christian Center School in the second round.

The girls team earned a first-round bye and lost 55-51 in the second round to Cape Fear Christian Academy.

 “These teams worked hard and played their best,” North Hills AD  Andy Brannigan said. “After a challenging season, I am so proud of these players for making it as far as they did.”

North Hills athletes Nick Colson, Susanna Cross, James Gladden, Matthew Hennie, Reese Merrell and Anna Teague were all-conference.

All-conference athletes from the Southern Piedmont Athletic Association were selected by athletic directors.

North Hills boys selected were Colson, Daniel Doan, Gladden, Hennie, Hayden Lawson, Conner McInnis, Noah Merrell, Tucker Merritt, Victor Russell, Kane Talbott, Kasey Wippenbeck and Westley Woods.

North Hills girls were Ella Cooler, Cross, Abbey Deaton, Eden Hager, Ava Kibler, Gloria-Jane Kozlowski, Reese Merrell and Teague.