Letter: Word used without understanding meaning

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 20, 2022

It seems to me the word “Christian” is bandied about very loosely and carelessly without understanding the true meaning of the word.

I am not referring to Webster’s definition, but to Acts 11:26 which defines a “Christian” as a disciple of Christ. Are we truly a disciple of Christ or do we use the term to indicate that we are not a Muslim, Hindu or some other religion? Do we say we are a Christian because it seems to be acceptable? Remember, President Obama said “We are no longer a Christian nation.” Was he right?

I was a left-leaning liberal until I was 40, floundering around just like most liberals today. I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, and immediately my life changed and I saw the world and people in a different light. I am now 82, a veteran and my generation has lived in the golden age of the U.S.A. My very soul weeps every day for what has and is happening to my country.

The Bible teaches us that homosexuality is a sin but we have pushed it forward with gay marriage and it has more or less been accepted. The Bible also teaches us that abortion is murder and a sin but we have attempted to make everyone accept it. Crimes of all types are often either overlooked or dismissed. The indolent and slothful are often rewarded. The old story of the ant and the grasshopper is becoming a reality.

Christ teaches us to feed and clothe the widows, motherless and poor. Our social welfare system has relieved the family, friends, community and church from the responsibility. These are the ones that truly know the situations and needs of the individual and would eliminate the vast corruption and expense of the welfare system which tosses out money as a person feeding pigeons. The more they toss out, the more pigeons they attract.

I know that my belief in Jesus Christ is the reason that I am blessed and am a conservative citizen of the United States of America. I do not label myself as a Democrat or Republican. I am for what is good for God, family and the U.S.A.

— Roy Chambers