Quotes of the week: ‘That man smiled more than anybody I know’

Published 12:01 am Friday, February 18, 2022

“That man smiled more than anybody I know. It didn’t matter if you had just won 8-0 or lost 0-8.”

— Christopher Derrick, speaking of his tennis coach Matt Beaver as the Knox Middle School courts were
dedicated in his memory

“We made the decision to do what was necessary in order to decrease the quarantines of students and teachers, and increase face-to-face learning time.”

— Helen Nance, Gray Stone Day School administrator on students having the option of not wearing a mask

“Rowan-Salisbury Schools supports students in the exercise of their First Amendment rights..”

— Rowan-Salisbury Schools statement, after North Rowan High School students walked out of class for about 10 minutes over lack of a permanent principal

“The malt industry has announced 15-18% price hikes and we are relatively unaffected by all of that freight stuff because of our hyperlocal supply chain. … Fuel costs could go up 10 times and it won’t affect us all that much because we don’t use that fuel compared to our competitors.”

— Aaron Goss, Carolina Malt House CEO and co-founder

“Julie was such a wonderful person. … She was a bright light in an increasingly dark world.”

— Jason Corriher, speaking about his wife after she was killed

“Police are needed. But community efforts such as cure violence is always needed, too. I think it’s a ‘both/and.’ It’s never one or the other.”

— Ingram Bell, program manager for Gate City Coalition’s cure violence model in Greensboro as a
Salisbury City Council member plans to bring up for discussion here

“A lot can happen in 35 years.”

— Anthony Mack, who worked ‘any job I could get my hands on’ before taking advantage of RCCC’s Better Jobs for Better Lives program

“We give the athletes grant-in-aid because we think athletics is important, but we think STEM is equally as important, if not more important, so we’ve decided to do the same thing for them.”

— Jimmy Jenkins, Livingstone president detailing a program to waive tuition for students majoring in science, technology, engineering and math at the opening of the F. George Shipman Science Center