Letter: Fiber broadband is solution to internet woes

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 17, 2022

Can you picture the last two years without a reliable, high-speed internet connection? What about trying to work remotely or having your kids learn virtually without access to the internet? This may seem like a far-fetched scenario, but for many in Rowan County life with limited internet access is all they know.

It’s time lawmakers and local officials took concrete steps to ensure rural communities have reliable access to the internet. Residents in these areas are the least likely of all Americans to have access to the higher speeds necessary for work and education, according to experts. This means every year we fall behind in connectivity, we’re also falling behind in economic progress.

When it comes to upgrading our internet, there’s a clear choice – fiber broadband. Fiber easily beats other forms of internet like copper and fixed wireless. It’s the fastest technology available, more reliable, and is worth the investment over its lifetime. If we’re aiming to be competitive in the digital age, we should invest in the most cutting-edge technology.

We have a fantastic legislative delegation and I want to encourage them to ensure we pick a trusted partner to construct the infrastructure needed to provide fiber broadband. With taxpayer dollars on the line, we have to make sure the provider has experience and success in rural communities.

Rowan County can have a very bright future. A smart investment in upgrading our internet will help guarantee our economic progress and support the future success of our community.

— Giovanni Vincent Spillman