Letter: Refreshing to read civil discourse

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 13, 2022

I found it refreshing to read the My Turn article written by Anne Palmer in the Salisbury Post on Feb. 2 (“Lessons for divided country found in America’s history”).

A couple of things struck me about her column. The first was how she used history to explain why she believes what she believes. The second, which is why I feel she wrote the letter in the first place, was to comment on someone she disagreed with.

Never in her letter did she ever blast or berate that person. She went to great lengths to tell us why she feels the way she does; and that was it.

How often today have we read or heard others using classless, profanity-laced tirades going after people they disagree with? I’ve always felt that if you have to use profanity to make a point, you don’t have a point. Either that or you’re too angry, undisciplined or inarticulate to take the time to make your case. 

Thankfully, Ms. Palmer did no such thing. She took the high road and at the same time respected the view of another. This is called civil discourse.

Sadly, this approach seems to have been totally abandoned today. It’s even sadder, considering how this is a country that prides itself on the first amendment.

There is never going to be total agreement in anything. But we must have sane and healthy debate in order to solve our problems.

— Allan Gilmour