Letter: Be concerned about democracy’s decline

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 6, 2022

In response to a Jan. 30 letter by Don Pruitt (“Democrats know what’s coming in 2022 elections”), you were misinformed on three points in your letter.

First, only God knows what will happen in November 2022. You, the Democrats and certainly not the Republicans have no clue about what will happen.

Second, it was President Trump who negotiated with the Taliban and produced the Afghan disaster that President Biden inherited.

Third, Josh Bergeron is certainly not giving preference to anyone. Have you ever read Cal Thomas? Please do, and even you will agree that Mr. Bergeron is a fair and professional editor.

You should be concerned with the decline of democracy in the USA.

Do you want to save our democracy? Our great country? Or do you want a one-party fascist regime? Your choice, sir!

— Evelyn Uddin-khan