Letter: Politicians say one thing, do another behind scenes

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 27, 2022

Politicians often tell the majority what they want to hear, then make decisions or deals behind closed doors, and hope that the public is none the wiser.

But with a little research, we see Travis Allen and Mike Caskey have taken donations from those charged with crimes. One plea, the other pending.

Travis Allen accepted a $100 donation from Rodney Mahaley on April 21. Now, Travis has said on social media numerous times that everyone knew Mahaley had a stolen firearm in his possession, but only the sheriff could have done something about it. So, I guess Sheriff Kevin Auten accepted the donation from Mahaley for Allen, too. Say one thing do another should be Allen’s campaign motto.

Mike Caskey has accepted $4,500 of campaign contributions from Craig Pierce; that name should ring a bell. Pierce is the commissioner who’s still in office and was caught driving while impaired to a level that was three times the legal limit. Caskey did not condemn Pierce for his behavior in an article run by the Salisbury Post, but yet excused it as how drunk people act.

Craig Pierce accepted an Alford Plea in court; please research this type of plea. In layman’s terms, it’s saying, “I don’t think I’m wrong, but I’ll accept the punishment.” If Mr. Pierce watched the video and saw the printout of his alcohol test and doesn’t think he was wrong, then he must be delusional. And the fact that fellow commissioner and sheriff candidate Caskey didn’t reprimand him for his vulgar and threatening comments shows that when the chips are down and the person involved has money or influence, “backing the blue” will take a back seat.

— William Allen