Letter: Let’s not judge every move, behavior

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 23, 2022

In response to the My Turn article published Sunday “Free Black girls from white approval,” I want to thank Ms. Ash Love for a wonderful and beautifully written article.  It still amazes me (no, not really) that we are still being judged by every move we make in society.

However, when a white person comments on how one acts on something such as standing for the National Anthem it is truly a real peek in their thinking and how they are forever (it seems) judging Black folks. Did the writer of the article think that the cheerleaders were going to act like the comedienne Rosanne Barr and spit on the floor after she finished singing the anthem?

There are many behaviors exhibited by white folks that is not the norm, but it is not something we would not take the time to write about it. We just assume that it’s their lack of home training. So, to think that young Black girls acting appropriate is an abnormally, is a conscious bias.

Please, let us try as a society to be open and not judged by every move, every behavior that we see and that you may agree with is unusual and must be pointed out as that.

— DeeDee Wright