Letter: Editorial shows only seeing one side of problem

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 23, 2022

Wednesday’s opinion page article “Democracy at risk,” a republished editorial from the Greensboro News & Record, is just another example of people only able to see one side of a problem. The belief that any problem in our society is caused by the other side of the political spectrum is stupid. Our democracy is at risk because of both sides. Both parties are equally to blame. Both act like rebellious teenagers doing their best to circumvent the constitution.

No matter which side you chose in the past election no one wants to recognize that Joe Biden is the first unconstitutionally elected president in United States history. If my information is correct, in six states judges wrote election laws in direct violation of the Constitution, which says states legislators will write laws and judges will determine if they meet constitutional requirements. If it is the desire to protect the constitution and democracy, these judges should immediately be removed from office barred from practicing law as they willfully failed to honor their oath of office. It does not matter who had the most votes in those states their elections were unconstitutionally conducted.

If the writer or writers of the article are serious about protecting the Constitution, they will start writing articles with both sides of the issue accurately and completely instead of insisting that only one side should be advanced. If pretend journalists believe that the general public is not intelligent enough to make an informed judgment, we are most certainly going to have a dictatorship and they are currently doing their best to bring it about.

History is a great teacher. History indicates dictatorship is not far off without a change of attitude of those in government and journalism. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that is likely to happen with present day head-in-the-sand attitudes.

— Murray Corriher

China Grove