Letter: Cato is best choice

Published 12:01 am Sunday, January 9, 2022

I support Tommie Cato for sheriff.

Tommie has shown nothing but a commitment to his service to God and his fellow citizens in his work and personal life. Tommie has remained positive during his campaign, and his message has been centered around positive progress, putting the community first, and working with everyone in the county.

Tommie is a man of strong ethical character and served his country, state and county during his law enforcement career: first, as a member of the historically highly respected United States Marine Corps and North Carolina State Highway Patrol, two services known for their abilities and professionalism, then as a deputy sheriff. That’s in addition to his continued impact within the community he serves.

Some of my friends have questioned my decision, saying he doesn’t have the experience. Well, no one has the experience being sheriff until they are elected. Tommie possesses the professional ethics and moral compass needed at the Sheriff’s Office, something that may have been tainted with recent events within the office.

I prefer a God-loving, sincere, honorable man than a polished career politician as my sheriff.

— Becca Gulledge

China Grove