Letter: Local farm sets example

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 2, 2022

Ben Stansell’s December 28th article about a local water buffalo cheese farm installing solar panels is part of a broader trend happening across America. Local businesses and retail giants alike are seeing the light when it comes to rooftop solar. The DiLoretos of Fading D Farm are investing in not only the future of their business, but also of the environment. We should not only celebrate their decision, but replicate it too.

While North Carolina ranks third in the country for solar energy production, we still have room for growth. Whether it’s a cheese farm, a car manufacturer or a corner store, every business with a viable roof should install solar panels. Generating solar energy right where it’s used is efficient and keeps our air and water clean. It’s also a win for the businesses, who can save on long-term energy costs. With financial assistance initiatives, such as the Rural Energy for America Program tapped by the DiLoretos, these investments can pay themselves off quickly.

Environment North Carolina is working to convince big box stores, starting with Walmart, to install solar panels on their roofs and parking lots. Combined, North Carolina’s big box roofs could generate enough solar energy to power 258,000 homes and offset 2.23 million metric tons of pollution. That’s too good of an opportunity to pass up. In the new year, Walmart should follow the example of DiLoretos’ water buffalo farm and go solar.

— Wade Wilson

Chapel Hill