Letter: Allen’s response to letter concerning

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 2, 2022

I read the two letters to the editor submitted by Bill Allen of Salisbury — the first concerning commissioners Craig Pierce and Mike Caskey and the second concerning his questioning of Travis Allen’s record of saying one thing and doing another. (“Pierce is what’s wrong with politics” published on Nov. 23 and “For Allen, double standard or double talk?” published on Dec. 8″)

Mr. Caskey did not respond; as a candidate, he understands there’s no upside in waging wars with someone of a differing opinion. That’s regardless of how he handled himself when asked about Commissioner Pierce’s driving while impaired and how Pierce conducted himself.

Travis Allen took to YouTube and proceeded to show that he doesn’t handle opposition very well. First, the way you questioned Mr. Bergeron’s credibility and professionalism in how he validated the source. Then, you implied that your 5,000 Facebook friends should try and hunt Bill Allen down.

It’s none of mine or your business who this other Mr. Allen supports, and I believe you are correct that it’s not you or Caskey. However, after watching your video, seeing how many times you had to stop and start because of your anger, the way you glared at the camera and the veins in your neck straining, you don’t have the temperament for the job – in my opinion.

Now, please don’t come after me for saying this; I haven’t made up my mind on who I support yet. But, your response concerned me that you can’t separate yourself from an issue or opinion. I would think a person of your age and position wouldn’t be easily manipulated.

— Liz Kluttz