Doug Creamer column: Christmas love

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 25, 2021

By Doug Creamer

As I sit down at the computer to write, I realize we are at one of those strange times. I have yet to wrap my Christmas packages, but you have already opened yours. We are planning our Christmas feast, and you have consumed yours. I am living in anticipation of the joy of Christmas, while you are living in the glow of that great day.

I believe how we celebrate Christmas has changed in some ways. We all want to celebrate Christmas on the day. Families are pulled in so many different directions. We are learning to celebrate Christmas on multiple days. There is a gathering with the wife’s family to celebrate. Then there is a gathering with the husband’s family for more Christmas cheer. Finally, the husband and wife and their children gather together to share the Christmas moments that will be remembered in their own home.

Some may argue that the gathering must take place on the day or it doesn’t count. I argue the opposite. Can we find a way to gather during the holiday season and call each of those special moments Christmas? If we approach Christmas that way, we get to expand and stretch the joy out over multiple days. I see the opportunity for greater joy because we have expanded the celebration and reduced the stress.

I believe that any time you can gather family and friends together to share some laughs, eat a great meal, and exchange gifts, can be Christmas. We have to discover new ways to celebrate in order to preserve the peace and joy of the holiday season. It’s the opportunity to be together as a family and to share our love for each other that really matters.

So many families have avoided gathering due to this crazy pandemic. Last Christmas I saw my family through Zoom on the computer. I am hoping to see them in person this year, but I know we need to be careful. We want to share the joy of the holiday season and not share the virus with each other.

When we can share our love for each other we are reflecting the example that God has given us. God gave us the wonderful gift of His son. He wanted a personal and intimate relationship with us, but sin stood in the way. God is holy and righteous and can’t be in the presence of sin or sinful man. So God in His infinite creativity made a way where there was no way. He did it through a baby born in a manger.

Jesus bridged the divide by laying down his life for us. His sacrifice on the cross demonstrated the greatest love of all. He looked at you and me and he willingly paid the ultimate price so we could have a relationship with God our father. Our sin has been wiped away and now we can freely approach God’s throne as his sons and daughters.

There is no greater expression of love than to lay your life down for another. That kind of love births peace. Jesus came to bring peace. The peace he brought is not peace in the world but something greater…peace in our hearts and minds. We now have a restored, peaceful relationship with God. That will give birth to joy in our lives.

Imagine that…the birth of a baby in a manger opened the doors of heaven, allowing our hearts to be touched and filled with his love. That great love infuses us with a peace that goes beyond explanation. That peace floods our hearts with a joy that simply cannot be contained. heaven invades earth. The light shines in the darkness. The savior of the world sweetly and tenderly comes into the world on that silent night. The angels of heaven could not be stopped from declaring the good news, which is for all mankind.

The question is…will you open your heart to him? Your destination for all eternity hangs in the balance by your choice in how you will answer that simple question. I encourage you to open your heart to God the father, Jesus his son, and the Holy Spirit. They want to come into your heart and give you perfect peace, a love that goes beyond comprehension, and unspeakable joy. The gift lies before you, will you open it? I hope and pray that you will. God loves you far more than you are capable of understanding. He knows everything you have ever done and he loves you in spite of it all. Let his love fill your heart and have the merriest Christmas ever!

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