Quotes of the week: ‘Why do I do it? I love kids’

Published 9:05 am Friday, December 24, 2021

“We were really looking forward to today because there was no county championship last year — and we had a pretty good team. … That’s why they wanted to come back and get it this year, to win it for both teams.”

— John Brown, West Rowan coach after the Falcons claimed the Rowan County wrestling championship

“Why do I do it? I love kids. Anybody who knows me will tell you: I just love kids, and if it’s something that simple that I can do to make a child’s day, that’s why.”

  Sheila Rollings, who helps Santa respond to kids’ letters and who took part in Spencer’s Winterfest event

“Nazareth is a good, rewarding place to work. Working with kids can be difficult in most any situation, but at the same time, when you turn a kid’s life around or reunite them with their family, it is rewarding.”

  Vernon Walters Jr., president and CEO of Nazareth Child and Family Connection on the closing of residential facilities during ‘the great resignation’

“All of us experienced Christmas that night because we understood what it was like to have nothing and to give yourself away to someone else who is in need.”

  Jean Allen, executive director at Good Shepherd’s Clinic after serving a patient who was in distress

“You don’t want to end up in high school failing math classes but wanting to open a business, realizing ‘Oh man these past five to six years I really wish I was working harder and focusing on this because I didn’t realize I needed it.’ ”

— Zachary Lowensten,
Rowan-Salisbury Schools’ beginning teacher of the year

“I definitely see everything going in a positive, uplifting manner. Anything we can do to get people loving their little town is great.”

  Jessica Stamper, director of Landis Parks and Recreation on
improvements coming for the Lake Corriher Wilderness Park

“Last year, I think a lot of people didn’t buy poinsettias that normally buy them and this year, I think they decided to buy again.”

  Doug Patterson, after Patterson Farm decided to cut back on how many plants to grow and then sold out of all that were in stock