No injuries or major property damage from explosion heard across western Rowan County

Published 1:59 pm Wednesday, December 22, 2021

CLEVELAND — An explosion off of Redmond Road Wednesday drew a host of first responders, but there were no injuries or major property damage.

The incident occurred at RDH Tire and Retread Co. Founded in the Cleveland area in 1987, RDH describes itself as the largest retreading operation in the U.S. It primarily serves dealer clients in the Atlantic states from Miami to Boston and handles industrial-sized tires. Employees were at lunch when the incident occurred, said Capt. Ronald Herion of the Cleveland Community Fire Department.

Herion said pressure was building inside a tire that released a burst of air and blew some metal panels off of a roof.

No injuries or significant damage was reported, but the incident produced a noise loud enough that readers reported hearing it from subdivisions on N.C. 150.

Fire departments that responded included Cleveland, Salisbury, West Rowan, Scotch Irish, Woodleaf, Rowan County EMS and the Rowan County Rescue Squad.