Letters: Practice what you preached instead

Published 9:59 am Sunday, December 19, 2021

I am glad that someone else was offended by Renee Scheidt’s “My Turn.” Thank you, Mrs. Peckman.

Let’s be honest, Ms. Scheidt’s comment about being colorblind is racist on its face. I am a Black woman  I see color and I can quote scripture and a child’s song and feel good. Remember “Jesus loves the little children of the world, red, yellow black or …” Let’s just call Scheidt’s “My Turn” article self-serving at best.

I am a product of the 1960s and was fighting for my best life on the planet. It’s called equal rights, and I am sure that Ms. Scheidt has no idea about what it is really like to by judged by the color of her skin.

But say that you were judged by the color of your skin, really? Instead of preaching, practice what you tried to preached in your article. Shakespeare said it best “To thine own self be true.”

— DeeDee Wright