Letter: Now, the rest of the story for Thomas’ column

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 16, 2021

The Sunday Salisbury Post gave us another dose of the rantings of Cal Thomas. His bias and twisting of facts reminds us of the late Paul Harvey: “And now the rest of the story.”

Thomas is critical of the military withdrawal from Afghanistan under Biden and forgot to mention that the die was cast by Trump in February 2020, and it would have been May 2021 if Trump had been re-elected. (Yes, he lost in November 2020 by 7 million votes. His election wasn’t stolen.)

Thomas is concerned about the military buildup in China but never mentions that this has been going on for over a decade. Biden has stated that this is a threat. Trump, however, played up to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Thomas blames Biden for the nuclear buildup in Iran. He forgets to mention that Trump was the one who pulled us out of the nuclear agreement.

Thomas concludes by calling our nation weak. Those of us who have worn the uniform know that our military is at its best when we have strong alliances. The Trump plan was American First and is a go-it-alone plan. Biden recognizes that we have a free world problem and we need free world alliances and solutions.

Biden is most certainly not the best we could hope for, but he is far and above the Trump alternative Thomas wishes for.

— Eric Marsh

China Grove