Beck donates to Christmas Happiness Fund to keep husband’s giving spirit alive

Published 12:06 am Thursday, December 16, 2021

SALISBURY — Giving to other people, especially children, was a big part of L. Kenneth Beck’s heart.

If a child was crying in a store because a parent couldn’t afford a toy, Beck might buy the toy for them. He was known to purchase items for children in need using the paper ornaments on angels trees in the mall or participate in the Toys for Tots program.

“He didn’t do it for the glory. He did it out of the goodness of his own heart,” said widow Gail Beck.

So, when Gail was looking for a way to continue her late husband’s giving spirit after his death in 2017, the Christmas Happiness Program seemed like a perfect fit. Since his death, Gail has been a consistent donator to the program — giving in memory of her “husband, best friend and love of my life.”

Gail met her husband when he was visiting his parents in the small town of Gray, Georgia, after joining the Marine Corps, where he served from 1967 to 1969. They met at a drive in movie theater, and, as Gail describes it, his intentions were to visit his parents and come back to the Salisbury area, where he grew up. But it was only a few months before the two fell in love. They were wed on Thanksgiving Day in 1969.

They moved around some after the marriage and landed back in the Salisbury area in the mid-1970s, raising three daughters and welcoming grandchildren into the world. Gail’s husband died Dec. 10, 2017.

Gail says the house is too big now, but she’d never consider selling it because “I’m closer to him here.”

Contributions to the Christmas Happiness Fund, which the local Salvation Army uses to provide children with Christmas gifts, can be brought to the Salisbury Post, located at 131 West Innes St., weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or mailed to Christmas Happiness, c/o Salisbury Post, P.O. Box 4639, Salisbury, NC 28145. Checks can be made payable to Christmas Happiness Fund and donations can also be placed in the Salisbury Post front door mail slot.

The latest donations are as follows:

• In honor of my beautiful and loving mom, Sherry Corriher, by Angie Fleming, $100

• In memory of Cecil and Ruth Bernhardt, Gilbert and Donna Bernhardt, Phil Bernhardt, Debbi W. Bernhardt and David Deese, by Vernon and Cheryl Bernhardt, $300

• In memory of Carlton Myers, by Don and Marcia Atwell, $100

• In honor of our neighbors and friends on Winged Foot Drive, by Bill and Toni Kenerly, $100

• In memory of Katherine Hobson, by her sister Karen, $100

• In memory of past members, by Crown in Glory, $100

• In honor of Steve Myers “The Commish,” by the City Park Pickleball Group, $300

• Donation by Ann and Melvin Cline, $300

• In memory of Tom T. Hall, Stonewall Jackson, and Big Gene McGuire and In honor of Anne Doe Phan, Cindy White and Jenny Swink, by the Redneck Hobos, $30

• In honor of my neighbors Terry and Mitzi Hatley; Brad and Kim Potts; and Glen and Kim Taylor, by Ginny Champion, $150

• In memory of my parents H.B. Poole and Virginia Swink Poole and my uncle Charlie Swink, by Harold Poole, $100

• In memory of my husband L. Kenneth Beck, by Gail Beck, $100

• In memory of Sonny Carpenter, by Dinah Carpenter, $100

• In memory of Vicky Buchanan and Marla Blake, our beloved sisters, by the Laureate Alpha Pi chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, $100

• Donation by Lane and Claudette Brown, $100

• In honor of our friends and neighbors in Milford Hills, by Chuck and Liz Friedrich, $300

• In loving memory of our daughter Kimberly Holshouser, by Charles and Patsy Martell, $100

• In honor of our family, by Perry and Carolyn Hood, $100

• In honor of our Sunday school teacher, Larry Clodfelter, by the Providence United Methodist Church Adult Sunday School Class, $100

• In memory of Grady Howard, by Barbara P. Howard, $100

• In honor of Reverence Aldana Allen, by Providence UMW, $300

• Anonymous donation, $500

• Anonymous donation in honor of Margaret and Tony Almeida, $75

• In loving memory of David L. Huffman, by Kyle Huffman, Jimmy, Jennifer, Kaitlyn, Kenzie and Chase Shoaf, $150

• In memory of our grandparents Mr. and Mrs. William L. Huffman and Mr. and Mrs. Dawson Weatherman, by Kyle Huffman and Jennifer Shoaf, $50

• In memory of Ruth E. Deadmon, by Kyle Huffman and Jennifer Shoaf, $50

• In memory of Ryan Olsen, by Vickie Olsen and Mike Olsen, $50

• In memory of J.P. and Sally Helms and Libby Helms Hoffmire, by Vicki and Charles Butler, $300

• In memory of Papa and Grandma Helms, Papa Sedberry and Mimi, by Vicki and Charles Butler, $100

• In memory of Jimmy Wilson, Fran Tannehill and Carolyn Hurley, by Vicki and Charles Butler, $100

• Anonymous donation in honor of Shelly Storey and in memory of Ned Storey, $75

• In memory and honor of all veterans — past, present and future, by AMVETS Post 565, $50

• Anonymous donation, $45

• In honor of Rochelle Bost and Dinah Carpenter, by Kay McCartney, $100

• In honor of our Sunday school teachers, by St. Luke’s Church Brownie Fisher Sunday School Class, $25

• In honor of our friends, by Bud and Betty Mickle, $250

• In memory of my husband Dr. Albert E. Roberts, by Sally Roberts, $50

• In memory of deceased class members Al Hoffman, Don Sayers and Paul Fisher, by the Everyman’s Bible Class of First Presbyterian Church, $500

• In memory of Rose and Eddie Post, by David Post, his children and grandchildren, $500

• Anonymous donation in memory of Michael Leonard Daniel, $50

Daily total: $5,800

Running total: $25,175.54