Christmas Happiness Fund nears $20,000 in donations

Published 4:06 pm Monday, December 13, 2021

SALISBURY — The 2021 Christmas Happiness Fund has reached nearly $20,000 in donations, with more than $5,500 in new donations reported Monday.

A nearly 70-year-long tradition, the Christmas Happiness Fund assists families with Christmas presents for their children. The Salisbury Post collects money from the community and funnels it to the local chapter of the Salvation Army to distribute.

Contributions can be brought to the Salisbury Post, located at 131 West Innes St., weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or mailed to Christmas Happiness, c/o Salisbury Post, P.O. Box 4639, Salisbury, NC 28145. Checks can be made payable to Christmas Happiness Fund and donations can also be placed in the Salisbury Post front door mail slot.

The latest donations are as follows:

• In memory of Gene and Tim Sunding, by Betty Sunding, $200

• In memory of Steven L. Douglas, by Racine Douglas, $25

• Donation from Windsor and Kathy Eagle, $300

• In loving memory of Judy and Mary Starkey and Ruby and John Brown and in honor of Bradley, Carrie, Eli, Brian and Anna, by Frank, $300

• In memory of Jenny Rebecca Foreman Hudson, by Eileen and Ed Hanson-Kelly, $25

• In memory of Earl Christy and in honor of Evelyn Christy, by Lee Ann and Jim Christy, $50

• In memory of John and Margaret Allison, by Lee Ann and Jim Christy, $50

• In honor of Allison, Jack, Jackson and Eva Egbert, by Lee Ann and Jim Christy, $50

• Anonymous donation in loving memory of Evelyn and Debra, $50

• Anonymous donation, $100

• Anonymous donation in honor of the administration and teachers of Overton Elementary, Knox Middle and Salisbury High Schools, $300

• In loving memory of Ralph and Jahn Mac Walton; Elton Trexler and Shirley Loflin; Nellie and Arthur Trexler; and Mildred, Arnold and Arnold Walton, Jr., by Colleen Walton, $100

• In memory of co-workers at R.W. Normans and other friends: E.E. Lampert, Sr., Ilene Wise, Irene Ritchie, Tripp Lampert, Kathleen Gray, West Spain, Ann Myers, Don Barger, Blanche Lampert, Norman Beaver, Rosemary Spain, Maxine Carlton, Walter Wise, Ruth Cline, Joyce Peeler, Herman Peeler, Pinkey Trexler, Sid Pinkston and Robert Vanore, by “Pocita” and “Swicy,” $20

• In memory of Gladys Van Poole, Mary Van Poole and Dr. Hilda Bailey, by Kelly, Barrett and Kristen Powlas, $75

• In memory of Barry Powlas, by Kelly, Barrett and Kristen Powlas, $25

• In memory of Gene Auten, by Kelly, Barrett and Kristen Powlas, $25

• In memory of HoHo and PaPa, by Amanda, $50

• In memory of my parents Sally and J.P. Helms, and my sister Libby, by Pam Clark, $100

• In honor of my eight grandchildren Dylan, Cory, Lucas, Michael, Jessie, Nathan, Aubrey and Justin, by Carol Pomeroy, $200

• Donation by B.M. Kirby, $100

• In memory of Mason and Violet Lowrance, by Tara and Sharon, $30

• Donation by Mount Moriah Evangelical Lutheran Church, $445.50

• In honor of Jimmie and Renae at Emvision Salon, by Dick and Pennie Martin, $100

• In memory of Clay Thomas, Georgianna, Vance, Van and Blake, by A. Vance Thomas, $200

• In loving memory of my husband Sonny Lippard, my sister and her husband, Jean and Charles Rufty, by Nancy Lippard, $50

• Anonymous donation in memory of Boyd Moon and Jim Killion, and in honor of Alexis Locklair, Brittany Livengood and Blake Locklair, $50

• In memory of James Poe, by the Corbin Hills Sunday Afternoon Regulars’ Annual Christmas Tournament, $2,500

Daily total: $5,520.50

Running total: $19,375.54