Letters: The politics of COVID

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 12, 2021

About a year ago, Jane Fonda said COVID was a gift from God to the Democrats. She appears to have been right, for many people believe President Trump lost his re-election bid because of how he handled COVID.

Something has always troubled me about the virus. From the beginning, there was all this talk of prevention. We need to quarantine, social distances, wear masks, make sure there are enough hospital beds and ventilators. All of this is fine, but we were never told what to do if we caught the virus itself. Was there anything we could take to minimize the symptoms while the virus ran its course? Most people I know just stayed home and hoped for the best.

Apparently there were drugs we could have taken, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) being the most famous. Countless medical studies and personal testimonies spoke of how well HCQ helped in the fight against COVID. Yet as soon as President Trump got on board with it, HCA was vilified and swept under the rug. Other therapeutics met the same fate. Why?

You would think in a fight against a new virus, we would use every weapon in our Arsenal to combat it. Vaccines are nice but they usually take time. But this didn’t happen.

I shudder to think the fight against COVID was compromised to lessen the chances of President Trump getting re-elected. Today many doctors feel up to 85% of the people that died regarding COVID, died needlessly. If you assure the death count of 700,000 that’s over 550,000 people.

I don’t believe for a moment Ms. Fonda wished anything like this to happen. But she knows politics and she knows how politicians behave. That’s why she said what she said. I pray I’m just being paranoid but judging by what has happened since 2020 nothing would surprise me.

Even when the vaccine did emerge people like Biden and Harris said that they would not take the “Trump Vaccine,” yet now that Trump is gone they not only took the vaccine, they are mandating it. How political can you get!

Something is very wrong here. Politics is sleazy enough, but it should not get involved with science or medicine yet it seems to have done just that.

Politics is a virus in itself. It spreads everywhere. If we ever needed a vaccine against something, this is it!

— Allan Gilmour