Quotes of the week: ‘I just like helping people’

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 3, 2021

“I just like helping people.”

— Aidan Melton, 12-year-old who continues to take part in the Toys for Tots fundraising effort


“Our numbers are going to continue to get stronger as we see more growth and development coming our way. We’ve got an amazing amount of projects in the pipeline right now.”

  Rod Crider, Rowan Economic Development Council president speaking as new numbers showed improvement for the county in state economic rankings

“This is one of the constants that has remained unchanged through all these years.”

  Steve Morris, owner and manager of the Gem Theater in Kannapolis after it joined the National Register of Historic Places

“We’re going to keep pushing until we get to where we need to be. I can guarantee you all that.”

  Jenny Lee, United Way executive director as the campaign ended at $1.23 million just short of the $1.5 million goal

“You can’t just go to Google and learn about all the niche areas of Landis. There’s some things only locals know and that’s what Mayor (Meredith) Smith was looking to accomplish with the mural.”

  Caswell Turner, artist who created the new mural at the corner of 102 N. Central Ave. near the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office building

“We’re just asking that people simply don’t burn until this is over with. We hope that this is short-lived.”

  Deborah Horne, Rowan County fire marshal on the current burning ban

“I don’t think anybody in this room doubts that Elaine (Hewitt) is the right person to move us forward.”

  Erica Vedeikis, Rowan Republican Women’s Club member on the new chair of the county
Republican Party

“Livingstone College is where it all began. What occurred on Livingstone’s front lawn nearly 130 years ago paved the way for people like me.”

  Willie Lanier, on stadium improvements at the home of the first football game between two Black colleges in 1892 as Livingstone tangled with Biddle, now known as Johnson C. Smith