Letter: Small steps cross same line

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 28, 2021

Why do we remain silent as candidates become more and more disrespectful? Does “it happens on both sides” excuse us from acknowledging when a candidate is the name caller or purposely disparaging their competition? Does calling “joke” after the fact make it okay or has “joking” or “that’s not what I meant” become a ready excuse for anything not well received after the fact? Words should be taken to heart. It begins with crossing a line.

Thank you to the Salisbury Post’s Nov. 11th editorial for pointing out that Karen Alexander’s “losing candidate” Facebook comment was far from the gracious demeanor the current and newly elected mayor professes to be part of her value system. The Post noted, “The statement seems like a final shot in a hotly contested race.” While Mayor Pro Tem Heggins was losing by 14 votes when Mayor Alexander declared victory, why would a candidate, who won with nearly as many constituents not supporting her as supporting her, abandon her campaign slogan as “a voice of reason” to thumb her nose at almost half of those voting in the mayoral election? We are all her constituents.

I embrace the Post’s statement for citizens to remain active after an election. I believe that begins with listening to the words of elected officials and questioning the motivation behind their words.

Why bother with something this small?  I waited, thinking Alexander might reply to language noteworthy enough for the Post to comment upon. Southern born and southern raised, I recognize the mayor’s statement as the southern woman’s equivalent of the new Republican Brandon substitute for foul language.

The crude Brandon banner on one of the floats at the Southern Rowan Christmas Parade made me realize that words matter and so do the lines crossed.  What are we becoming?

— Pam Bloom