Quotes of the week: ‘Off and running ever since’

Published 12:19 am Friday, November 26, 2021

“Day one, I came dressed up to sit at a computer all day doing important things and they put me out there in the parking lot doing COVID testing and we’ve been off and running ever since.”

— Tamara Marlowe, of the Rowan County Health Department who was among staff members and nurses
recognized as grand marshals of the ‘Tis the Season Spectacular parade

“I could always depend on Nellie. When she was able to do something, she would do it.”   

  Wayne Kennerly, district governor for the Lions Club speaking of Nellie Troxell receiving the ‘unsung hero’ award

“We need to get the collective, people that have had it or been vaccinated, up to an amount that you don’t necessary need to get the third dose because the activity in the community is so much less.”    

  Dr. David Priest, Novant Health physician who leads the company’s COVID-19 efforts

“Diversity in school of thought is what brings our city together.”   

  Tamara Sheffield, likely new mayor pro tem after she received more votes for Salisbury City Council than any candidate

“She’s going to be competitive in any sport she tries, and she’s going to excel in any sport she tries, Tiddlywinks, lawn darts, whatever.”    

  Matt Parrish, Salisbury soccer coach  speaking of Rowan County Runner of the Year Sutton Webb

“We’ve got the chemistry and we’ve got the players, but we’ve got to get healthy. The injury bug has been biting us again.”   

  Lakai Brice, Salisbury girls basketball coach as the team begins another run toward a championship

“I hope that people look at this as an isolated incident.”    

  Kevin Auten, Rowan County sheriff on charges brought against the agency’s former criminal investigations supervisor

“We want to expose them to life outside of Rowan County to show them that there are big- ger and greater things for them if they change their thought process and decision making.”    

  Scotty Robinson, Salisbury police officer and member of the Uplift Academy at a flag football game meant to help at-risk youth

“It just says openly what people know privately about who’s who. I just think it’s important to help people be
informed, fully informed.”    

  Geoffrey Hoy, Rowan Democratic Party chairman on the move to endorse candidates in local nonpartisan races