Letter: Pierce is what’s wrong with politics

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 23, 2021

A few months back, the Post ran an article where sitting commissioners weighed in on Craig Pierce’s DWI arrest.

The county commissioners’ request for “grace” is obscene. I fully understand the need for the commissioners to circle the wagons and protect a fellow Republican, board member and financial donor.

But where is their friend’s apology? Where is Pierce saying that his behavior was unacceptable, reckless and an abuse of power?

I think society would be more forgiving, compassionate, understanding and willing to offer “grace” if only the person that needed this was mature and responsible enough to ask for it.

The fact that he hasn’t acknowledged his behavior as being wrong is a severe character flaw that every voter in Rowan County should take note of, and don’t hide behind the fact there’s a criminal case. Anyone watching the video can see he was severely intoxicated.

Forget that fact; he had his day in court. But his behavior as he interacted with those officers doing their jobs was disgraceful. He threatened to get them fired. Why? Because they were doing their job and protecting the public from him. Pierce’s use of profanity and vulgar language, abuse of his position and the arrogance of his financial position being superior to theirs.

Pierce is what’s wrong with politics. Watching that video was the clearest definition of “white privilege” that anyone could be subjected to.

The fact that Commissioner Mike Caskey, who is seeking the highest law enforcement position in the county, running for sheriff, didn’t condemn the behavior just goes to show that his political aspirations already cloud his judgment. His ability to hold that office will apparently be swayed by those with power and money. Well enough of excuses, the people deserve accountability and responsible representation.

— Bill Allen