Letter: No one should have same COVID-19 experience

Published 7:00 pm Monday, November 22, 2021

I pray no one has the same experience as we did with COVID-19.

The first week, we thought we had a cold. The second week we lost taste and smell.

My husband and I both called doctors.

I left a message on my husband’s “My Chart.”: “We have COVID and we don’t know what to do.”

We never talked to a doctor and no one we did talk to cared.

Now my husband is really sick with a 102-degree fever.

A family member told me to call Cannon Pharmacy. They tested him and gave him an infusion. They were super helpful. Thank you to employees of Cannon Pharmacy.

We give God the credit for our recovery.

What has happened to our country? Sad!

— Susan Goodnight Bostian

China Grove